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Green Productivity

In the future, it will be important to increase productivity with less use and less intensity of farm inputs, while protecting the environment and nature. That makes inspiration and solutions through technical and professional progress all the more important - AGRITECHNICA 2023 will showcase ideas that make GREEN PRODUCTIVITY a reality on farms.

The determinants of the success of global agricultural production are on the rise. Alongside the classics of location, markets, technical progress and logistics come the environment, climate, acceptance and regulation. This has direct relevance for production and investment.

The central task of agriculture is food security. This is illustrated by the recurring food crises. However, food security must be thought of in the long term. The focus on a more sustainable use of our natural resources such as soil, water, atmosphere and biodiversity must be further strengthened.

The integration of know-how, innovation and technology is required to develop yield and productivity to a simultaneously high and sustainable level.

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Green Productivity – Exhibitor comments

Challenges and opportunities of future-oriented agricultural technology. Exhibitor comments on the guidung theme of AGRITECHNICA.

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DLG "Sustainable Agriculture" programme

The DLG Sustainable Agriculture Programme promotes sustainable agriculture, the supply of sustainable food and social acceptance.