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14 - 20 November 2021 in Hanover


Impact of COVID-19 on agribusiness and the food industry in African and Asian markets

The impact of the coronavirus on agricultural and food-processing industries has been assessed in a survey...

COVID-19 & Global Food Security

This collection of short essays provides a fairly comprehensive overview of where we are and what we know about how COVID-19 is affecting food security and livelihoods at the six-month mark ...

Grain reserves: In the hands of just a few countries

Each month the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) publishes a balance that is awaited by the entire market as if it was the first edition of the Bible ...

Two tools to help farmers understand climate change

Although the need to adapt French agriculture to climate change is now accepted at the national level, the question remains largely open ...

Robots in mechanical weeding

Watch the presentation and discussion of the live event on DLG-Feldtage digital here! For years, the subject of mechanical weeding has increasingly been in the spotlight ...