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27 February - 5 March 2022 in Hanover


New dates: From 27 February to 5 March 2022, Hanover

The DLG is postponing the AGRITECHNICA trade fair. Because of the continuing Corona pandemic as well as the progress of vaccination programs, both in Germany and abroad, the DLG, VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association and AGRITECHNICA’s exhibitor advisory board have concluded that insufficient certainty for planning currently exists for the world-leading exhibition in November. The new dates for AGRITECHNICA are 27February to 5 March 2022.

With the four-month postponement of the trade fair, the DLG, as organiser, as well as the members of the VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association, believe that the participating companies have the necessary certainty required for planning.

New ways to less soil pressure

Many machines encounter the limits of operation that is gentle on the soil, particularly when driving on moist soil.

Humus: Facts and myths

The enrichment of humus promises to contribute to climate protection. However, it is often forgotten that organic farming in particular feeds on the use of existing humus.

Farm land purchase: The rules are stricter in Eastern Europe

Every state has the right to restrict the sale of agricultural land. Eastern Europeans in particular fear selling off their land and have therefore set particularly strict limits.

Glyphosate substitution: Iron and perhaps also electricity without chemicals

If the curtain really does come down on using glyphosate at the end of 2023, it does not mean either the end of the world or necessarily a forced return to ploughing.

Sowing maize: How to get the best out of every seed

Sowing plays a key role, particularly in maize. It is hardly possible to compensate for problems in germination and the development of young plants during the vegetation period. This is particularly true in the light of increasingly difficult weather conditions. New technologies and cultivation methods offer potential for optimisations.