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Workshop live in Hall 2

Start your professional career as an agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics technician.

Strong characters are always in demand when it comes to the maintenance, repair and service of modern agricultural and construction machinery. They have to master everything that goes into these high-tech machines - engines/motors, electronics, electrics, pneumatics, hydraulics and mechanical systems. A laptop and spanners are the daily tools of the trade. If you're interested in the profession of agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics technician, then you can soon be one of them!

At AGRITECHNICA 2023 you can find out everything about tractors, harvesting machinery, combine harvesters, seed drills or power and garden tools. We'll set up a realistic workshop there, where our "Workshop Live Team" will carry out classic service work live on machines. This gives you a first impression of daily practice, you can take a close look at the machines in the many neighbouring halls and talk directly to the young workshop team.

From apprentice to master craftsman - they all show you what their daily practice in a workshop looks like. Among them are even some state and national champions. The prospects are great for all those who really dedicate themselves to it!

So if you're "really up for" state-of-the-art technology in a system-relevant industry, this is the place for you. We'll see you around: In Hanover "live" in Hall 2 and on the web at

We're looking forward to seeing you there!