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Theme routes – AGRITECHNICA

Theme routes are professionally curated routes that guide visitors digitally and systematically through the fair. Exhibitors of thematic solutions are brought together with interested visitors in a targeted manner. Theme routes increase the visibility of the individual participating exhibitors and help visitors to find their way around the wide range of products and services on offer. They provide exhibitors from small and medium-sized companies with the opportunity to achieve an effective focus on their products and innovations.

The following theme routes will be offered at AGRITECHNICA 2023:

Route 1

Weed control in the era of the Green

Deal 50% pesticide reduction from 2030 on hangs like a sword of Damocles over agriculture. Scepticism is high and the search for solutions and innovations is a key topic.  This theme route will present both technical highlights for selective application of crop protection products and mechanical approaches. 

Here a targeted and effective focus is given to exhibitors with products and innovations from the areas of: 

  • Smart Spraying
  • Direct spraying
  • Mechanical weed control
  • Chopping robots
  • Alternative systems
  • Farm management systems

Route 2

Efficient fertilisation

Only those who know the state of the art, their soil and plant stock can make the right decisions that enable high yields with good qualities to be achieved without risking nutrient losses from mineral and organic fertilisation.

On this theme route, exhibitors will present an overview of technical and thematic solutions relating to soil sampling, nutrient analysis and application maps.

Here a targeted and effective focus is given to exhibitors with products and innovations from the areas of: 

  • Application technology
  • N sensors
  • Software
  • Soil analysis
  • Sensors
  • MapOverlay
  • Forecast models

Route 4

Heat, drought and heavy precipitation

Increasing climate extremes are leading to a rethinking of cultivation systems, whereby irrigation strategies will also become increasingly important in the future.

On this theme route, technical approaches to alternative cultivation methods and current technology trends for irrigation will be presented to visitors.

Here a targeted and effective focus is given to exhibitors with products and innovations from the areas of: 

  • Irrigation systems
  • Control systems
  • Soil sensors
  • Forecasting models
  • Technology for the cultivation of mixed crops
  • Agri-PV

Route 5

Green Productivity in agTech

No other generic expression stands more appropriately for technical innovations in agricultural technology.

On this theme route, exhibitors present exciting information about autonomous systems, tractors, as well as fuels of tomorrow. In addition to insights into the world of smart farming, ideas and innovations from the start-up sector will also be presented.

Here a targeted and effective focus is given to exhibitors with products and innovations from the areas of: 

  • Farm Robots
  • Mechanisation and equipment
  • Farm Management Software
  • Sensor technology
  • Agribusiness Marketplaces
  • Bioenergy and biomaterials
  • New drive systems
  • Forecasting models

Route 6

You would like to be noticed as an employer at AGRITECHNICA? The job route provides a quick overview of potential employers to visitors as well as job and career offers. Visitors put together their individual route and pick out companies that would be suitable for them as future employers.

This theme route can be booked until October 16th on the Exhibitor Service Portal in the section Human Resource Marketing.

Exhibitors with their own staff stand in the Campus & Career area will automatically be displayed in the Job Route.

Benefits of theme routes

  • Highlight participating companies
  • Highlight current topics
  • Show suitable approaches to solutions
  • Promote solution-oriented and practical interaction between exhibitors and visitors
  • Create additional visibility within the app and on the AGRITECHNICA website
  • Allow visitors to obtain specific information about participating exhibitors before the fair and to contact them
  • Attract additional attention on the fair grounds through differently coloured DLG-Mixie-Points and generate valuable leads

How it works

  • Apply for one of the five themed routes* offered in the Exhibitor Service Portal by September 30th or book participation in the Job Route by October 16th.
  • You will receive written confirmation from DLG by mid-October
  • Then deposit suitable information about the product or service in your Theme route-Mixie-Point

*Minimum and maximum numbers of participants apply. The final selection of participants will be made by DLG. Participation is not valid without written confirmation from DLG.

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