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SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS Trophy Engineers´ Choice

Development engineers in agricultural technology distinguish innovative systems and components.

Systems and components play a key role in the development of innovative agricultural technology. The "SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS Trophy - Engineers' Choice" is awarded to systems or components with a new or significantly improved concept that can contribute significantly to the development and realisation of products - new processes are made possible or existing methods are improved.

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Nominees 2023

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Winners 2023

16 Oktober 2023


Awards 2023

Participation in the SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS Trophy 2023



  • High-quality industry award, presented by development engineers from the global agricultural machinery sector
  • Business networking between system and component manufacturers and development engineers
  • Worldwide attention from purchasers and agricultural machinery companies
  • Year-round quality communication in the competitive environment of systems and components


Admission to Competition

All exhibitors admitted to AGRITECHNICA 2023 and SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS 2023 can apply to compete for the SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS Trophy by submitting a system or component for the award. Participation is voluntary and not associated with any additional costs.


How to prepare

Following stand confirmation, exhibitors can apply to compete for the trophy in the Exhibitor Service Portal.

The following information is required:

  • Short description    
    Describe  briefly your product and highlight what is new or has been significantly improved. (Max. 400 characters)
  • Innovative character
    Please briefly explain, what is the innovative character of the product as compared to the previous state of the art. (Max. 1000 characters)
  • State of the art
    What was the state of the art? (Max. 1000 characters)
  • Special features/ advantages?
    Highlight your product in terms of the following features:
    o    importance for practice
    o    advantage for business and labour management
    o    improvement of the environmental and energy situation
    o    effects on work facilitation occupational safety
    (Max. 1000 characters)
  • Provide up to three pictures and a link for a video

Important Data at a Glance

From May 2023

Start of registration for the Systems & Components Trophy

14 July 2023

Registration deadline for the Systems & Components Trophy

September 2023

Announcement of the nominees for the Systems & Components Trophy

End of October 2023

Announcement of award winners

12 November 2023

Presentation of the Systems & Components Trophy on the S&C Expert Stage

Evaluation Criteria

The decisive factors for awarding the SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS Trophy are:

  • Importance for practice
  • Advantages for business and labour management
  • Improvement of the environmental and energy situation
  • Effects on work facilitation and occupational safety


  • The award winners are determined by development engineers. The development engineers are employees of companies exhibiting at AGRITECHNICA 2023.
  • The development engineers jury is selected via a DLG call to the exhibiting companies, who can nominate their chief development engineers for the vote.
  • Exhibiting companies of Systems & Components are excluded from the call.