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In addition to the technical programme, you will find current topics and background information on crop production and agricultural technology. From the DLG publication network as well as from exhibitors at AGRITECHNICA.

Autonomous Systems at Agritechnica 2023

Autonomous field work is no longer a distant prospect with robots increasingly finding their way into practical applications. However, further development work is needed before they can be used on a broader scale and fundamental safety issues still need to be clarified - Agritechnica, 12-18 November, 2023

Smart Farming at Agritechnica 2023

In agriculture, the paradigm shift toward digitalization is well underway. Many farms have recognized its benefits and are already using digital technologies. Smart farming solutions help farmers to run the farm more effectively, use resources more efficiently, simplify operations, customize crop production for the local conditions, and, ultimately, make the optimal decisions.

Alternative drive systems for tractors

Electrical and hydrogen powertrains are just a few of the alternative drive systems finding their place in modern farming. One important reason for the increased interest in alternative drives and fuels is the push to significantly reduce greenhouse gases. To achieve the goals of the Paris climate agreement, CO2 emissions must be reduced quickly and drastically.  

Fuel of the future

Systems and Components, the B2B marketplace  will be offering developers and design engineers an information and discussion platform around the latest developments and alternative fuels. There visitors can see what an ‘ideal’ drivetrain for a hydrogen-powered excavator or tractor might look like.


Automated plant cultivation in the greenhouse of the future

Indoor farming has established itself as a visionary model in the transformation towards more sustainable agriculture. The modern and increasingly vertical greenhouses require a system that combines intelligent controls and sensors.


“SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS is an intelligent part of AGRITECHNICA”

Professor Till Meinel is a professor for agricultural machinery technology and design engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. In the interview, he talks about the potential of the B2B platform for the supplier industry in the context of AGRITECHNICA.

What is the point of driving a tractor at all?

Why are equipment manufacturers moving up into the Champions League and why do tractor manufacturers have to fight to avoid relegation? In future, "system competence" will rely even more than before on the work implement.


Digitalisation: Where do we stand in practice?

When we talk about digitalisation, everyone is essentially referring to something slightly different. This is why discussions regarding the benefits not infrequently culminate in black-and-white statements.


Cultivating herbs - Crops that few people know about

Dandelion, nettle, milk thistle or artichoke - the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal herbs is a niche. Not everyone can serve them, but for specialists they are lucrative.


Interviews on the topic of digitization

In conversation with Klaus-Herbert Rolf, chairman of the VDMA's press and advertising working group; Florian Stöhr, managing director of Seedhouse Beteiligungs-GmbH, Osnabrück and René Döbelt, a farmer from Wurzen-Nemt (Saxony).

Smart spraying: Digitalisation becomes automation

Automatically recognizing weeds in row crops and controlling them as necessary on the basis of algorithms: what sounds like dreams of the future is already on the threshold of practice. The technology works. The decision-making aid promises significant savings for the future.

Precision application onto the target area

One of the most dynamic areas in agricultural machinery is found in crop protection. This is due on to political requirements and to the options offered by sensor systems and artificial intelligence.

Glyphosate substitution: Iron and perhaps also electricity without chemicals

If the curtain really does come down on using glyphosate at the end of 2023, it does not mean either the end of the world or necessarily a forced return to ploughing. But it will make life more difficult.

Sowing maize: How to get the best out of every seed

Sowing plays a key role, particularly in maize. It is hardly possible to compensate for problems in germination and the development of young plants during the vegetation period.


New ways to less soil pressure

The fine line between economic constraints and soil protection requirements is particularly prevalent during liquid manure spreading in the spring. Read ore about how to make this fine line more calculable for farmers.

Technology for increased efficiency

Technology is an important key factor for more efficient fertilisation. Norbert Uppenkamp, NRW Chamber of Agriculture, Münster, Germany, sums up which solutions are now available from manufacturers.

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Atlas Weyhausen is at Agritechnica

The wheel loaders stand for sophisticated technology and reliable performance. The robust Z-kinematics enable a high tearing force. The sophisticated technology ensures safe driving - even off-road - and robust stability.