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Plan your visit effectively and be up to date with the help of the AGRITECHNICA app.

Web App

Ideal addition to the mobile app

  • Prepare your visit on your PC
    • Organize your appointments with customers, partners and exhibitors well in advance.
  • Mobile app and web app are one team (after prior registration). The web app's favourites, appointments and chat histories are automatically synchronised in the mobile app.
  • Find new leads and expand your network
  • After the fair, you can watch many presentations from the Expert Stages on your PC

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The mobile app

The app is available to download free of charge from the App Store.



With full text search and multiple selection options. View exhibitor information and exhibitor location at the trade fair, mark exhibitors as favorites or as planned visits, make notes or send a contact request.


Get information about the professional programme. Favorite sessions and never miss a specialist talk again using an export to your calendar.


Connect yourself with interesting contacts on-site and stay in touch beyond the trade fair, use the export to your mobile device and personal contacts.


Use the app to scan QR codes for detailed information on the respective product. Information is also available to you digitally beyond your visit to the trade fair.

Theme routes

Find targeted exhibitors with thematically suitable solutions. Create your own individual route and plan your visit effectively using the route planner.

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More information on the features of the app

Get an overview of the exhibitors at AGRITECHNICA 2023. Display exhibitor information and the location of the stand. A full text search including a search by nomenclature or area is possible. You can also send exhibitors a contact request so that they can get in touch with you.

Scan the DLG Mixie Points (QR codes) on the exhibits, products or exhibitor stands to obtain detailed information on the companies and products. This way you automatically create your own individual digital trade fair folder in the app, from which you can access the scanned information at any time during and after the trade fair. DLG Mixie Points can only be scanned with the AGRITECHNICA app.  You can access the scanner in the app via the scanner icon in the toolbar. You will then find all scanned information under "My Fair".

Discover the expert programme of AGRITECHNICA in the app. Find out which events are taking place at what time and where, or view the profile of the speakers. By exporting your programme selection to your calendar, you will never miss a presentation again. You can also follow the professional programme live via the app.

Mark exhibitors, programme items and speakers to keep track of your favourites. All favourites are also displayed in the site plan.

The site plan is available as a guide for better orientation. It gives you an overview of the exhibitors' locations and shows you where an exhibitor is located on the grounds. For better visibility you can zoom in the terrain and the halls and to look inside a hall just click onto the respective hall. To help you find your way around the fair grounds, you can also have the map show you your current location.

This function enables you to make direct contact and communicate with exhibitors, speakers and other visitors to the fair. After creating your own profile, you can immediately connect with interesting contacts. You can send messages and e-mails and start telephone calls. Stay in touch beyond the fair and use the export of contact data to your mobile device.

Take notes on exhibitors, programme items, speakers and other visitors to ensure that you don't forget anything important and that your notes don't get lost.

Select the product groups relevant for you in the overview and get all matching exhibitors displayed.

Activate the scanner with a tap on the icon in the toolbar and use the function to scan the DLG-Mixie-Points or to network.

Plan your visit to the trade fair using the route planner in the app. Here you can select exhibitors and the day of your visit and view the location of your exhibitors in the hall plan. You will also receive a route suggestion with optimized routing.

Take a snapshot of yourself at the fair and share your experience on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Co.

In our theme routes, exhibitors with thematic solutions to current topics are grouped together. By selecting "Theme routes" in the list of exhibitors, you can search selectively for suitable exhibitors and create your own individual route. Colored DLG-Mixie-Points mark the participating exhibitors at the trade fair. You will find further information and content on the individual theme routes in the section "How to use".

After logging in, your ticket is automatically stored in your Ticket Wallet. You can quickly access your digital ticket at any time via the toolbar.

In the Info category you will find information on a wide range of topics related to the fair. In addition to contact persons, you will find information on opening hours and tickets as well as tips on travel and accommodation.