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Digitalisation: Where do we stand in practice?

When we talk about digitalisation, everyone is essentially referring to something slightly different. This is why discussions regarding the benefits not infrequently culminate in black-and-white statements.

Trends in Fertilisation Technology

Environmental protection is a central theme in the field of mineral fertiliser application. In addition to innovations that reduce nutrient losses and improve fertiliser distribution, soil conservation is the subject of development.

Interviews on the topic of digitization

In conversation with Klaus-Herbert Rolf, chairman of the VDMA's press and advertising working group and network manager at CLAAS KGaA mbH; Florian Stöhr, managing director of Seedhouse Beteiligungs-GmbH, Osnabrück and René Döbelt, a farmer from Wurzen-Nemt (Saxony), DLG Vice President and chairman of the DLG trade fairs and exhibitions department

Will new approaches lead to a breakthrough?

In the field of precision farming, the added value has often been insufficient for most farms. With the new specifications for fertilisation and plant protection, this could change. What experiences have farmers had with sensor and satellite-based nitrogen fertilisation?

What is to come after diesel?

The intention is to also use fossil diesel fuel less in the agricultural sector. All of the alternatives have limitations: traditional biofuels are politically no longer desirable. Biomethane or electric motors powered by batteries are hampered by their capacity limits.

Designed for ease of printing: possible uses of additive manufacturing in the off-highway sector

Additive manufacturing is currently revolutionising mechanical and plant engineering, because 3D printing is increasingly being used wherever milling or casting were previously dominant. The SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS exhibitors will be presenting themselves as the driving force behind tool-free manufacturing.


Plant protection

Precision application onto the target area

One of the most dynamic areas in agricultural machinery is found in crop protection. This is due on to political requirements and to the options offered by sensor systems and artificial intelligence.

Climate change: Are there cereal varieties for heat and drought?

Climate change has many aspects! There is increasing drought, radiation and heat stress, but also the increase in heat-loving pests. How can you counter these risks?

Glyphosate substitution: Iron and perhaps also electricity without chemicals

If the curtain really does come down on using glyphosate at the end of 2023, it does not mean either the end of the world or necessarily a forced return to ploughing. But it will make life more difficult.

Focus crop protection

The ongoing partial losses of chemical-synthetic active ingredients in agriculture’s weed control arsenal influence not only the gross margins of individual crops or farm rotations.

Grain reserves: In the hands of just a few countries

Each month the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) publishes a balance that is awaited as if it was the first edition of the Bible...

COVID-19 & Global Food Security

This collection of short essays provides a overview of what we know about how COVID-19 is affecting food security...

Farm land purchase: The rules are stricter in Eastern Europe

Every state has the right to restrict the sale of agricultural land. Eastern Europeans in particular fear selling off their land and have therefore set particularly strict limits.

Tillage / sowing

DLG-PracticeMonitor 'agricultural machinery'

When it comes to loading and unloading, lifting and clearing, there is no getting around the front loader in agriculture, although other loading technology is gaining ground.

Sowing maize: How to get the best out of every seed

Sowing plays a key role, particularly in maize. It is hardly possible to compensate for problems in germination and the development of young plants during the vegetation period.

Humus: Facts and myths

The enrichment of humus promises to contribute to climate protection. However, it is often forgotten that organic farming in particular feeds on the use of existing humus.

Agroforestry: New potential for an old system

Normally, trees are not very welcome in arable fields. But cleverly integrated with crop growing or livestock production systems...

New ways to less soil pressure

The fine line between economic constraints and soil protection requirements is particularly prevalent during liquid manure spreading in the spring. Read ore about how to make this fine line more calculable for farmers.


Is it worthwhile turning the tap on?

Sprinkler irrigation is expensive and not cost-effective for every crop. Of course, it always pays dividends for potatoes and beets. But what about cereals? We asked Ekkehard Fricke.


Climate protection: Only long-term CO2 fixation counts

How should the role of agriculture as a source of greenhouse gas emissions and its contributions to climate protection be assessed? There is a wide variety of analyses and views on this.

Technology for increased efficiency

Technology is an important key factor for more efficient fertilisation. Norbert Uppenkamp, NRW Chamber of Agriculture, Münster, Germany, sums up which solutions are now available from manufacturers.


Electrohydraulic systems and smart driver assistants open up more autonomy for mobile machines
The innovative power of the off-highway industry is focusing on the electronification of drives and hydraulic systems. They form the basis for the advanced assistance systems that reduce the driver's workload. But the solutions on display on the trade fair grounds not only ensure excellent vehicle handling and greater efficiency:

Self-propelled machines - Driver safety first

Self-propelled machines must be designed so that the operator is protected from falling parts or in case of tipping over or rolling over.

Two tools to help farmers understand climate change

Although the need to adapt French agriculture to climate change is now accepted at the national level...

John Deere: 'We believe in electric tractors. 100%'

The interviews conducted by Future Farming with experts at John Deere last year on electric tractors provide much inspiration for Agritechnica 2022. 

DLG media library: Field Robot Event 2021

14 international teams - virtual test area - innovative robot technology ... and the live feeling of a classic competition in the agricultural engineering sector in a digital format.

Navigation in a maize field with curved rows; straight rows with missing plants. to the video.
Weed and object detection and georeferencing; removal to the headland. to the video.
Freestyle event. to the video.


Detect defects before they occur

From commissioning to monitoring and repair: The focus of the technology and service providers exhibiting in Hanover is primarily on digital components that take the maintenance of mobile machinery to a new level.

Networking and automation
The requirements being made on the productivity, comfort and safety of mobile machines in the off-highway sector are increasing. SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS 2022 will be presenting the potential of autonomous driving in the off-highway sector.

Fewer emissions and lower consumption
SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS will be showing which optimisations the latest generation of engines in the off-highway sector has undergone to enhance their efficiency.

The future of off-highway drives

Innovations in the drive train are lowering fuel consumption and reducing emissions

Green Efficiency im Off-Highway-Sektor

SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS 2021 focuses on sustainability and efficiency in mobile automation

Diesel: What comes next?

The debate over the »Green Deal« applies to farm machinery too. Industry and institutes have long been working with methane...