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GREEN EFFICIENCY – inspired by solutions


The past few decades in agriculture have been characterised by the task of producing food, feed, energy and raw materials efficiently. Innovative methods and tools have been used to achieve these objectives. With the support of technology and know-how, farmers have been able to supply increasing quantities of high-quality products.

New findings, social expectations and changing natural framework conditions are challenging current production methods and defining new and, in some cases, additional objectives for agricultural production. For instance, the impact of agriculture on natural resources such as soil, water, the atmosphere and biodiversity must be minimised. Global avoidance and adaptation strategies for climate change must be supported by the agricultural sector. At the same time, sufficient food has to be provided for an ever-growing global population.

At first glance, some of these demands substantially restrict classic production methods: chemical crop protection must be reduced to protect biodiversity, although the development of resistances threatens the level of yields we require. Lessening the intensity of soil cultivations, fertiliser applications and irrigation threatens crop development, food and water supplies.

Future-oriented farmers and their technology, farm input and service partners are searching for new solutions, developing and implementing a mix of crop production methods. The future objective is to enable increasing productivity while reducing inputs and intensity and protecting the environment and nature.

GREEN EFFICIENCY is becoming the objective of sustainability-minded farmers and their partners in the upstream and downstream sectors. AGRITECHNICA 2022 will inspire future agriculture with modern solutions.