Forestry and Landscape Information Center

Safety at work – Consultation – Trends and Equipment

Wood is a more valuable and sought-after commodity than ever before. But what is the safest way to harvest this raw material, the most cost-effective way to process it and the best way to market it? How should we manage our forests so that they develop in a sustainable way, satisfy society’s demands and provide a source of income for future generations? This is what the Forestry and Landscape Information Centre in hall 26 at AGRITECHNICA is all about!

Comparing logging trailers

The outdoor area will shine a spotlight on modern logging trailers. Which power band and specification is best for me? Which safety features do I need? How can I tell the quality? The outdoor area of the Forest Information Center has all the answers! Moderated demonstrations will run several times a day in the arena featuring logging trailers of various capacities that suit different scales of operation and sites.

Logging like a pro

Harvesting timber with modern forwarders may look impressive and effortless, but it requires a great deal of skill and practice on the part of the operator, especially during loading. Budding forestry machinery operators learn on simulators before graduating to real machines. Have you ever wanted to get behind the wheel of a loading crane and see how it works? Then come to the Forestry and Landscape Information Center in Hall 26 and have a go on our simulator. Try lifting timber with a forwarder under the expert guidance of a professional forestry worker.

Practical chainsaw maintenance

Chainsaws in all shapes and sizes are essential equipment in forestry and landscape management. But how should I care for my chainsaw so that it lasts a long time and is always operable? Watch a Master Forester giving live demonstrations at the Forestry and Landscape Information Center and learn how to keep your chainsaw and chain in good condition.

Working in the forest

Forests and woodland have many different meanings – a place of recreation and sport and leisure for society, ‘green lungs’ for urban areas. But above all, they are an important and sustainable source of raw materials and an investment asset which require proper professional maintenance and care, particularly now in the face of climate change and timber shortages. Foresters learn how to regenerate, manage and exploit forests to preserve them and all their functions for future generations.

Information point for forest visitors

Do you have any questions about forest management? Occupational safety, care and maintenance, promoting responsible forest management, machinery or marketing? Experts from the DLG Competence Center Forestry will be on hand to help at the Forestry and Landscape Information Center.