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Trade fair etiquette rules

  • Get yourself an overview of the Fairgrounds and the exhibitors.
  • Decide already in advance what companies you are interested in and find out in which hall and on which stand you will find them.
  • If possible, arrange an appointment.
  • Always give yourself enough time between appointments in order to be prepared for anything unexpected that may occur.
  • Gather information about the companies.
  • Find arguments why you in particular are the right person for the jobs entering into question and what you like best about them.


  • Make sure that you look well-groomed.
  • Your outfit should make you look respectable. If you don’t know what dress style the sector normally wears, the Business Casual Look is most suitable.
  • For women: dark jeans/cloth trousers, plain light-coloured blouse, dark blazer.
  • For men: light-coloured shirt, plain jacket, dark jeans/cloth trousers, leather lace-up shoes, belt to match the shoes.
  • Take a current CV with you.
  • It is best to print it on both sides of a DIN A4 sheet. You can also fold an A5 flyer out of this.
  • Introduce yourself in a friendly manner stating your name, what you are studying or have studied/your apprenticeship trade.
  • Look your dialogue partner in the eye and don’t interrupt him when he is talking.
  • Listen to your dialogue partner attentively and do not digress.
  • You can introduce in-depth information such as experience or professional interests in the course of the conversation.
  • Prepare yourself for questions about the company and about yourself.
  • Don’t use trite phrases – show personality.
  • Use the last minutes of the conversation to ask questions. Refrain from standard questions and try to stand out a bit in this way.
  • Be self-confident and have the courage to steer the course of the conversation.
  • Sort your newly gained information about companies and contact persons (business cards, telephone numbers, email addresses).
  • Connect up with your contact persons, possible via online networks. 
  • If you have already decided at the trade fair to apply for a job, then do this as quickly as possible.
  • Refer to the trade fair in your application.
  • If you haven’t had any feedback after two to three weeks, you can get in touch with your contact person and enquire about this in a friendly manner.

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