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GREEN EFFICIENCY – inspired by solutions


Future-oriented farmers are searching for new solutions together with partners in technology, farm inputs and services. The future objective is to enable increasing productivity while reducing inputs and intensity and protecting the environment and nature. The objective of sustainability-minded farmers and their upstream and downstream partners is becoming GREEN EFFICIENCY. AGRITECHNICA 2021 will inspire future agriculture with modern solutions.

Solutions are also offered by the supplier industry, which will present itself at SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS. GREEN EFFICIENCY aptly describes the situation of the designers of mobile machinery from agriculture and neighbouring sectors. The vehicles are not only subjected to tremendous requirements for the robustness of the technologies used. Added to this are the growing demands for digitalisation and automation of the individual assemblies used in work machines. Intelligent mechatronic assemblies are increasingly being integrated to improve the precision and safety of mobile machinery. Above all, however, it is the desire to increase productivity and reduce the ecological footprint that drives off-road technology developments.