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15 November 2023 | Hall 24 Stand A06

How can we feed the world and protect the environment and climate at the same time?
For this, we need people with passion and pioneers with vision.

"Celebrate Purpose" shows the diversity of people who think differently and go new ways.

We say thank you. The first Celebrate Purpose event was a great success, especially because you were part of it. Every one of us contributes to sustainable agriculture and a healthy future.

Celebrate Purpose


Bild Benedikt Bösel

Benedikt Bösel

Gut & Bösel, farmer

Ten years in the financial industry, but as a child from the countryside was always looking for "his job". He found it after deciding to take over his parents' organically managed farm in Alt Madlitz.



Bild Janna Ensthaler

Janna Ensthaler

Founding Partner of the Green Generation Fund

German entrepreneur Janna Ensthaler is one of the 100 most influential women in business in Germany, according to "Manager Magazin." She has been a jury member on the german version of “shark tank” since 2023.

The Green Generation Fund is committed to green technologies and climate protection.



Bild Alexander Graf

Alexander Graf

CEO & Founder Spryker Systems

"Software is eating the world" is one of the most famous quotes for the digital transformation, but to what extent does this apply to the agricultural industry, whose motto should be "we are feeding the world"? Software & agriculture are already very much interwoven - and this does not mean the process for the annual subsidy-application.”

Alexander Graf is one of the top e-commerce watchers and makers in Germany. Podcast Kassenzone, founder eTribes and Spryker Systems, joint venture with Project A Ventures. 


Bild Kate Hoare

Kate Hoare

Farmer, UK

"Making it a little better every day."

Kate Hoare is this year’s winner of the Women in Ag Award in the category “Farming”. She runs a dairy farm in Cornwall with her husband that is fully committed to sustainable circular farming.

Bild Heike Zeller

Heike Zeller

Host and founder aHEU - Regional marketing strategies.

"Agriculture has many resources and answers to current issues. Just moo it."
Heike Zeller has worked at all stages of the value chain and advises agricultural and other food businesses on strategy, marketing and sales. 


Event programme

Wednesday, 15 November 2023, at 4:30 p.m., DLG Stand (Hall 24)

Check in Coffee

Why agriculture offers more purpose than any other industry

Panel Talk with:

  • Benedikt Bösel, Gut & Bösel, farmer
  • Janna Ensthaler, Founding Partner of the Green Generation Fund
  • Alexander Graf, CEO & Founder Spryker Systems
  • Kate Hoare, farmer, UK
„My personal purpose story“
Nikola Steinbock, Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank and Sheila Zulu, AGCO Corporations share their story
 Women in Ag Award - Award ceremony
Gin o‘clock with networking

My personal purpose story

Bild Nikola Steinbock (Kopie 1)

Nikola Steinbock

Chairwoman of the Management Board, Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank

As a development bank, we move the "green industry" and support it in its transformation. Both internally and externally, we give this meaningful activity a strong impact. Internally, with our purpose "We are moving the country forward sustainably," and externally with our claim “good sowing”. Both are an expression of the fact that we stand conclusively for this purpose with our support offerings, with our daily activities and actions.

Rentenbank is the German funding bank for the agricultural sector, its upstream and downstream sectors and rural areas. The bank is a federal institution under public law with its registered office in Frankfurt am Main. It is the third largest funding bank in Germany. Rentenbank's funding mandate is comprehensive: In addition to promoting agriculture and forestry and the entire food value chain, it also promotes renewable energies and the bioeconomy. The bank refinances itself on the international capital markets.

Bild Zulu (Kopie 1)

Sheila Zulu

Agronomist and Farm Solutions Specialist, AGCO Corporations

AGCO is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and Precision Ag technology. We deliver customer value through a differentiated brand portfolio including core brands like Fendt®, GSI®, Massey Ferguson®, Precision Planting® and Valtra®. Powered by Fuse® smart farming solutions, AGCO’s full line of equipment and services help farmers sustainably feed our world. 

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, U.S., AGCO had net sales of approximately US$12.7 billion in 2022 and is forecasting 2023 sales of $14.7 billion. Our strategy is simple: deliver exceptional customer experiences that align with brand promises; empower farmers to interact with our brands at every stage of the customer journey—online, at the dealer and through our aftersales/customer service; and deliver high-quality, smart solutions that produce sustainable agronomic and economic value to farmers.

Our vision is to be farmers’ trusted partner for industry-leading, smart farming solutions, and our award-winning portfolio of equipment and digital solutions brings that vision to life.

We are automating the features and processes that improve farmer outcomes today and continuing to innovate for the future, with plans to offer fully autonomous solutions by 2030, for example.

We are pioneering the next generation of sustainable power through our development of electric, hydrogen and alternative-fuel powertrains. We are also continually expanding our technology offerings and capabilities through targeted acquisitions and partnerships.

Unique in our industry, many of our farmer-focused solutions are first available as a retrofit solution on other brands of equipment, enabling farmers to get more value from their existing fleet.

We are committed to helping farmers achieve their sustainability outcomes without compromising yield or profitability. Our innovative solutions increase yield, improve productivity and reduce costs while enabling farmers to reduce emissions and input waste while protecting their land.

Our Precision Agriculture products use sensors and other technologies to optimize the use of inputs so farmers can produce more with less inputs, energy and time while advancing soil health. These smart solutions support carbon sequestration and precise management of resources.

The farmer is at the heart of all we do and without them, we could not fulfill our purpose to offer farmer-focused solutions to sustainably feed the world.

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