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AGRITECHNICA Media Partners 2023

Leading specialist publications from Germany and abroad are media partners of AGRITECHNICA.

PREMIUM Media Partners


agrarheuteis the national trade magazine for modern agriculture in the German-speaking countries (D-A-CH).

We regularly provide farmers with information on politics, technology, animal husbandry and arable farming - both as a print and digital edition and on our website So you have time for the essentials: agriculture



The No. 1 magazine for trade and industry

We define the future. For your success.

The latest productions and trend topics – we show the industry where this road leads to!

Advice from top decision makers and key actors out of the agricultural industry, relevant themes dealing with running your business, taxes, finance, legal issues and human ressources – this is AGRARTECHNIK!

We focus on your success: Top categories, high reach website, high quality and multimedia digital magazine. You have never experienced the agricultural sector in this way before!



agrarzeitung is the leading business medium for decision-makers in the agricultural sector. It provides its readers with researched news, reports, market data, commentaries and background information as well as up-to-date information for professional farm management on a weekly basis and independently of associations and federations. Readers are also constantly up to date on what is happening in the markets through newsletters and the website.


Agri Tech Media

Agri Tech Media is a Danish media - but with international perspective! The media is only available online at YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and at Podcast in form of the Danish show Førerhuset - available at any podcast platforms. It’s a brand-new way to think of a media in our industry. As follow you are traveling with the award-winning journalist, Morten Damsgaard, who will test agriculture machinery, visit farms and contractors - not only in Denmark, but in the whole world. He is also a very importen part of the European jorunalists of our industry, so Agri Tech Media will attend in press conference, show and so on in whole Europe. The media is not an influencer, and not a traditional media – it’s a hybrid media – it’s the media of the future.



Agro is a subscription-based trade magazine that is published every month for professional plant growers over 100 hectares and machine stations in Denmark.



Our Mission: To help farmers with the information they need to improve their knowledge for sustainable and competitive agricultural production. Our Profile is to ensure the flow of agricultural information. provides an agricultural platform for business, community information exchange, and professional articles and news for orientation.


Diesel Progress International (DPi) & New Power Progress (NPP)

For over 40 years DPi & NPP have provided global professionals in the engine-powered equipment market with the latest news and in-depth articles about engine design, tradional and alternative power technology as well as related components for mobile working machines – including agricultural and other off-highway machinery – commercial vehicles, marine, and stationary equipment. Digital platforms, the DPi magazine, live events, and specialist research are leveraged and respected by design engineers, system integrators, and OEM decision makers worldwide.


DLG Mitteilungen

As the DLG's leading specialist medium, the DLG-Mitteilungen stand for agricultural topics, management and independent market information. In addition to in-depth knowledge for day-to-day work in the company, thinking outside the box opens up future prospects.


Effektivt Landbrug

Effektivt Landbrug is a Danish daily business newspaper for professional farmers, contracters and companies within the Danish food cluster industry.



Specializing in agricultural cooperatives and mutual assistance among farmers. The journal was established in 1988 and targets farmers, agricultural businesses, cooperatives, and anyone interested in agricultural collaboration and rural development.


  • To promote collaboration and exchange among farmers, supporting their economic and social development.
  • To provide information on agricultural cooperatives, mutual assistance, investments, shared use of machinery and equipment, marketing and distribution solutions, as well as advice and success stories for the establishment and management of cooperatives.


Farmers Weekly

Farmers Weekly is a UK farming magazine. It offers news, business features, a weekly summary of facts and figures on UK, European and world farming, livestock and machinery, with reports on technical developments, farm sales and price analysis.


The Farming Forum

The Farming Forum is the UKs largest social platform where farmers can talk and learn about all the issues that face them in this modern era of farming. With over 10,000 comments a day, there is always something new to read about.

Join 400,000 other farmers and start reading The Farming Forum today.


iVT International

iVT International is the world’s leading media platform for industrial vehicle technology, design, and engineering. It connects off-highway OEMs all around the world with each other and with their suppliers, via its magazine, website, podcast and video channels. iVT International brings its audience in-depth coverage of all the latest developments in vehicle design and componentry with news, market reports, vehicle case studies and interviews with OEM leaders. Vehicle designers and engineers rely on iVT International to ensure they are fully informed about all the very latest trends in the off-highway industry.



Koneviesti is a Finnish agricultural and machinery sector magazine. It focuses on topics related to tractors, agriculture, forestry, machinery, and agricultural technology. Also repairing and service is important, like historical machines as well.

71 years old Koneviesti- magazine and website offers a marketing platform for companies. The official amount of readers of each issue is 131 000 (KMT 2022). website reaches about 26 000 visitors (GA 2023) every week.


La France Agricole

Provides agricultural news, analysis, and specialized articles since 1947. The trade journal targets farmers, agricultural engineers, and industry decision-makers, operating a website where users can access current news, market information, and expert opinions.


  • To be a partner for farmers and experts in the agricultural industry by providing reliable information and analysis.
  • To supply farmers and the agricultural industry with high-quality information and analysis to assist them in decision-making and business development.



LandbrugsMedierne publishes the weekly farmer newspaper LandbrugsAvisen, where our focus is to keep the farmer updated on agricultural news and subjects such as technology, business and finance, politics, regulations, environmental aspects and much more. Each month LandbrugsMedierne publishes six professional magazines aimed at the farmer and to help him/her to get the most out of their business. The content is distributed on analogue and associated digital platforms as well as SoMe channels.



LECTURA has been the leading provider of machinery intelligence on the market since 1984. Our database contains almost 180,000 heavy machinery models and provides evaluation of used machines through our online tool or printed books. Our service offer also includes technical specifications and data enriching, product and market analyses, high value lines for individual categories, as well as specific manufacturers and models, country-specific price development determination for specific categories or models, and many other client-tailored services.



With high-quality coverage of agriculture, Maskinbladet is distributed every three weeks to 22,600 active farmers, reaching professional decision-makers in agriulture in Denmark. The content of Maskinbladet sets the agenda politically and professionally, ranging from trade and industry to finance, law, environment, energy, machinery, technology and machinery testing as well as arable, dairy and pig farming. Maskinbladet publishes on all relevant online and social media platforms.


Matériel Agricole

A trade journal specializing in agricultural machinery and equipment. It serves as a vital source of information for farmers, dealers, and manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as anyone interested in agricultural mechanization and technology.


  • To gather information and news on the latest developments and trends in agricultural technology.
  • To provide farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural industry with high-quality coverage and analysis of the latest agricultural machinery and equipment, aiding in decision-making.


MT Suomalainen Maaseutu

MT Suomalainen Maaseutu is a national supplement to the Maaseudun Tulevaisuus newspaper, the second biggest newspaper in Finland with 275 000 unique readers (KMT 2022).  MT Suomalainen Maaseutu focuses  on rural people, rural entrepreneurship, machine contracting and sales. MT Suomalainen Maaseutu is the number one sales channel for machinery vendors in Finland. It is being published eleven times a year in a Tabloid format.



The magazine NEWMEAT gives an orientation and new perspectives about the production of meat and meat substitutes. With NEWMEAT you get an overview about future trends, innovations and future consumer needs.


Perendale Publishers Limited

Perendale Publishers Limited is a creative, factual, innovative and dedicated UK publisher servicing both the animal feed, aqua feed and pet food industries worldwide. Its publications reach key industry readers and decision-makers globally, using up-to-the-minute digital methods of distribution that complement its printed circulation. The company’s titles include International Aquafeed, Milling and Grain (established in 1891) and International Petfood, which are published in Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, French and Norwegian. The company also produces an annual directory for the milling industry called the International Milling Directory which covers all milling activities from flour and feed production through to oil seed crushing. Titles are accessible via its websites or through subscriptions via its MagStand links found in its magazines or on its respective websites.


Profesional Agro

Profesional AGRO is the informative environment offering to today’s farmers all the information they need to achieve the maximum performance in the modern management of their farm. The monthly Profesional AGRO magazine, available in print and digital format, collects the most relevant news in agriculture. At the Internet user will find the main news and developments with special attention to precision agriculture, interviews, product reviews, technical reports and a wide coverage of national and international events and fairs. A weekly Newsletter and full integration with Social Media complete this global interactive experience.



profi is the leading agricultural machinery media brand in Europe. 

The magazine regularly offers comprehensive test reports on new and used machines as well as do-it-yourself solutions, repair instructions and money-saving tips on machine care and maintenance. Digital profi content is distributed via the website, newsletter, webinars and various social media channels. 


Profi Press ltd

Profi Press ltd is the leading group of printed and on-line magazines and websites for farmers in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Covering news, business, crop and livestock production and agriculture machinery topics, Profi Press publishes: • Weekly papers: Zemědělec (Farmer), Zemědělský týdeník (Farmer Weekly), Roĺnícke noviny (Slovak Farmer Weekly) • Monthly magazines: Mechanizace zemědělství (Farm machinery), Úroda (Crop production), Náš chov (Our herd) • Bimonthly magazine: Energy 21/Renewable Energy (Energi 21)



Providing high-value information to support the performance of professionals in the agriculture and food industry. The Réussir Group was established in 1986 with the aim of providing professionals in the agriculture and food industry with high-value information. Today, the Réussir Agra group includes specialized press titles focused on agriculture, the food press, and a reference agency for the world of agribusiness.


  • To become the leading provider of specialized information for the entire ecosystem of agriculture and the food industry.
  • To provide a comprehensive information system to our professional networks in the agriculture and food industry, including web, print, data, events, and video resources.


top agrar

top agrar is the No. 1 agricultural media in the German-speaking world.

Every month, the magazine provides up-to-date specialist information and practical decision-making aids for farmers and decision-makers in the green industry. In the digital communication channels, top agrar scores with a high-reach website, newsletters, webinars, podcasts and offers in social networks.

top agrar - we are agriculture!


CLASSIC Media Partners

Logo A Granja

A Granja

Is a vehicule focused on agribussines with business, market, technology and management as principals. Website and Printed magazine.

Logo Agrarnyi Sector

Agrarnyi Sector

Always choose a stable vector - reading  the Agrarnyi Sector

«Agrarnyi sector» magazine is a quarterly publication disseminated in Kazakhstan. Our Journal is read in the agrarian organizations, Agricultural Departments, Ministry of Agriculture and farmers. The magazine covers challenging issues of agriculture. The main topics are crop growing, cattle breeding, plant protection, agrarian science, new agrarian technologies. The magazine is published in full color, volume is 180 pages.


Agrobiznes, a tech-media initiative present in Romania, Italy, and Moldova, stands at the crossroads of agriculture and digital technology. Offering businesses a launching pad in this evolving sector, Agrobiznes seeks to increase visibility and contribute to the success of its partners in these vital markets. By integrating modern technology with the agricultural industry, Agrobiznes proposes innovative solutions for traditional challenges, aiming to boost efficiency and productivity in agriculture through the use of advanced technology. A succinct portrait of Agrobiznes would be: a dynamic, modern, proactive platform that successfully responds to the ever-changing needs of the regions in which it operates.


Agroexpert - monthly practical magazine for managers of agricultural enterprises, engineers and agronomists, vets, zoo technicians. Available for subscription in printed and pdf versions. Books: “Seeds”,  “Mechanization and technologies of soil cultivation”, “Agricultural engineering and mechanization of plant protection”, “Practical Gardening”. For catalogue visit

Seminars: “Effective pig farming”, “My dairy farm”.

National Ukrainian competition: “The best young agronomist”

Be Green Be Agroexpert – subscribe e-version

Logo AgroPortal


Ukrainian online-edition - all news of the agricultural industry of Ukraine and the world: online updates, qualitatively, accessible, expertly and practically. Our audience is small and medium-sized agricultural producers, companies that provide services, students, politicians.

Bayerisches Landwirtschaftliches Wochenblatt

The No. 1 agricultural weekly in Germany!
Every week, the Bayerisches Landwirtschaftliches Wochenblatt provides farmers in Bavaria and Austria with all relevant information about daily life and work in agriculture - in print and digitally.

Logo BossAgro


The monthly agricultural magazine "BOSS-Agro" occupies a leading position in the information space of the agrarian sector of Kazakhstan. The magazine was founded 16 years ago and counts heads of farms and agribusiness specialists in Kazakhstan amongst its readers.

Logo Canal Rural

Canal Rural

Is a vehicule focused on agribussines with business, market, technology and management as principals. Website and Printed magazine.

Logo Cultivar Máquinas

Cultivar Máquinas

Is a vehicule focused on agribussines with business, market, technology and management as principals. Website and Printed magazine.

The DairyNews

The DairyNews is one of the world’s largest specialized media on the dairy industry. The DairyNews is an influential, competent and independent media outlet with dozens of daily updates on the state of the dairy industry.

  • The DairyNews is acknowledged expert on the global milk market and prestigious partner/member of international organizations and events such as IDF, IFCN, WDS, EuroTier, MilkPoint, etc.
  • The DairyNews is the largest Russian-language edition of the dairy market. The DairyNews is influential, renowned and independent media outlet that follows dozens of daily updates on the world's dairy industry.
  • The DairyNews annual readership exceeds 1 million unique visitors, who generate more than 4.5 million views per year.
Logo is a website for agribusiness executives. We have collected all the most interesting information about Kazakhstan and global agriculture:

  • news from the offices and fields
  • expert opinions on the latest events
  • interviews with top managers
  • analytics and ratings
  • insides and exclusives
  • various online projects

For more than 20 years, has stood for independent documentary film productions about global agriculture. The movies provide unique insights into the agricultural production and farm equipment in important agricultural regions. The audience has the opportunity to build up knowledge and learn more about alternative production techniques and field crops. is also represented on YouTube with well known channels in German, English and French.

GetreideMagazin + Raps

The new joint magazine of GetreideMagazin and Raps pays particular attention to the topic of crop rotation, which is once again becoming more important across all crops. The relevant, specific aspects of cereal and rape cultivation will continue to be the main focus of publication. The production-relevant topics are supplemented by information from agricultural technology and the market.

Handel & Techniek Agrarisch

Trade newspaper for the whole agriculture in the Netherlands and Flanders, every three weeks appears Handel & Techniek with a range of 15,560 active farms. The content ranges from trade and industry to environment, energy, machinery and technology in arable, dairy, pig farming, contractors and mechanization. Handel & Techniek is the trade newspaper also for online opportunities.

Hortibiz Daily WorldNews

Hortibiz Daily WorldNews is the international news platform by Holland Horti Media (HHM) from the Netherlands. The website and daily newsletter reach professionals in horticulture in 90+ countries, 5 days a week. Hortibiz Daily aims to keep its audience up-to-date providing the latest international news about indoor farming, vertical farming, medical cannabis, innovations in horticulture, tips and strategies for growers, event updates and announcements of new partnerships & products. Therefore, Hortibiz Daily is the best way to reach your target countries all around the world.


For more than 63 years, Kartoffelbau has been providing detailed and comprehensive information to potato-growing farmers, official advisors, traders and cooperatives. Well-known practitioners and scientists address all areas "around the potato" in their contributions.

Focal points: Soil cultivation, technology, fertilisation, breeding, planting, plant protection, harvesting, storage, processing, utilisation and market reports.

Käytännön Maamies, KM

Käytännön Maamies, KM, is the nr. 1 professional magazine for Finnish farmers. The magazine has taken its place as the everyday data source for the practical information needs of a farmer for more than 60 years. KM is published 12 times in a year.

We tell and explain the latest international and domestic news. We make our own research, testing and comparisons of products and services offered to farmers. We follow closely the international development of the industry, and write about the hottest news, and newest products as they are introduced. We have annually at least one large distribution going to all Finnish farms with more than 50 ha tillable.


The weekly paper for agriculture and rural life in the north. LAND & FORST has been a guide and support in the field and in the barn for 175 years. With competent technical articles, up-to-date information and strong opinions - regional like no other! LAND & FORST. The voice of agriculture. For generations.

[Translate to English:] Logo LatifundistMedia

LLC Latifundist Media

Latifundist Media is an Agrarian Media Holding Group. Media Holding Group. - The website targets the representatives of agribusiness and contains the latest news about Ukrainian and world agriculture: news from offices and fields, expert opinions on recent events, interviews with top managers, analytics and ranking, insider and exclusive news and various online projects. - An online assistant for farmers containing practical guidance and progressive experience, services essential in the daily work of farmers, as well as current offers for the purchase and sale of fertilizers, plant protection products, equipment, and production facilities. - A platform for engineers featuring the largest online market for the sale of agricultural machinery and practical info, in particular news from the world of agricultural equipment, reports from exhibitions, test drives, recommendations and instructions, video reviews of new and used equipment.

Logo Máquinas e Inovações Agrícolas

Máquinas e Inovações Agrícolas

Is a vehicule focused on agribussines with business, market, technology and management as principals. Website and Printed magazine.


The trade magazine PROTRADER conveys information and news about products and technologies from the construction industry and commercial vehicles sectors. With specialist articles from all over the world as well as exclusive and individual reports/application reports, we also support our customers directly on site as a media partner. This expertise enables us to clearly convince both the respective decision-makers and our specialist readership. PROTRADER informs decision-makers in the fields of construction machinery, construction equipment, construction vehicles, cranes and commercial vehicles directly and without wastage beyond the current horizon.

Siete Agromarketing

Siete Agromarketing is a publishing group specialised in the agri-food sector with different online and offline publications that cover complete information on all the links in the sector. The two main ones on machinery are:, the political and economic agri-food newspapel, updated daily and with a section dedicated to the latest news on agri-food machinery, auxiliary industry, etc. On the other hand, ECA AGRI, the biannual online magazine, specialised in the agricultural machinery sector and which contains unique and exclusive content on the sector. With, for example, top interviews and articles on research, digitisation and innovation.


traction is the agricultural technology magazine for professionals. With a strong practical focus, in-depth technical reports and independent tests. You can expect impressive innovations and spectacular pictures in large format.
Agricultural technology that inspires! Convince yourself of the competence and quality!

Logo Trattori Magazine

Trattori Magazine

"Trattori" is the first Italian magazine entirely dedicated to tractors, agricultural machines, their tools, components and accessories. The tractors field tests are the magazine's main course, made to obtain performance, to measure the payback on the investment and to give future owners all the parameters for a better choice. Each issue presents technical and practical tests of the newest tractors and agricultural machines.

The Ukrainian Farmer

"The Ukrainian Farmer" is an agricultural magazine about modern technologies in Ukrainian agriculture. Practical articles about cultivation of grain and technical crops; the introduction of advanced soil tillage solutions and the use of various types of agricultural machinery in production - tractors, combines, planters, cultivators, sprayers. Current articles on grain storage, processing and logistics. Includes analytical articles on economic issues. Covers the dairy and pigs breeding of Ukraine.

Women in Ag Magazine

Women in Ag is a new quarterly digital magazine for and about the women in agriculture. Its goal is to empower women in all the branches of agriculture worldwide by sharing positive, inspiring and informative stories from their colleagues from around the world. This includes stories straight from the farm, but also outsider stories of women who work in research, agronomics or mechanics and women linked to ag fairs worldwide.

World Agritech

World Agritech is the global news portal on mechanization in agriculture, reaching OEM’s, importers/distributors, key dealers and farming professionals across the globe. The internet portal covers business -, trade - and product news on ag machinery and supplies from the global industry, as well as research, innovation, people moves and an international events calendar. The growing international subscriber audience receives major news updates trough the weekly E-newsletter.


Sugar beet growers and experts from all areas of the sugar industry are informed about current topics in this nationally published trade journal.  High-quality, practice-oriented technical articles ensure a high level of information content and thus ensure successful farm management.

Focal points: Production technology; soil cultivation, seed issues / seed technology, breeding, technology, fertilisation, plant protection, beet harvesting, business management aspects, processing and marketing, sugar beet policy.