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COO of IMC, Ukraine

IMC is always careful not to miss the Agritechnica exhibition, surely also not in 2022. No doubt this is the ‘No. 1’ exhibition in the world for agricultural machinery. I believe there is no better platform to get to know the latest technologies than AGRITECHNICA. For our large-scale farming enterprise, we are actively developing further our machinery range in terms of precision farming. At Agritechnica, my colleagues and I are interested in equipment for variable-rate seeding and fertilization that will allow us to save input material. We would also like to see equipment for seeding at high speeds at Agritechnica in 2022. That is for us the top priority.”

Oleksandr Verzhykhovskyi, Chief Operation Offcer of IMC, a stock-listed agricultural business company, farming on over 120,000 hectares, headquartered in Ukraine


General Manager, Domäne Grohnde, Germany

With my arable farm, I face global (sales) markets and at the same time have to implement national laws and regulations on environmental and climate protection and biodiversity. This can only be achieved with state-of-the-art technology and a regular exchange with experts. AGRITECHNICA 2022 offers an excellent platform for the latest information on topics like documentation and traceability.

Also, in Hanover - after the pandemic-related restrictions have been lifted - I finally have the opportunity to talk to professional colleagues in person again. I am very much looking forward to this, because in times of ever increasing challenges for my farm, this exchange is very important.


Arable farmer in Hereford, United Kingdom

AGRITECHNICA is a global event that offers farmers an opportunity to see things outside your own zone. At the last AGRITECHNICA, I discovered robotics and automation for the field that I had not seen presented that way before. AGRITECHNICA shows me where agriculture is going and also what machinery we can use to gain an edge when margins are tight, like right now. My biggest challenge at the moment is staffing. At the next AGRITECHNICA trade fair, I will therefore be looking for anything that can help solve that problem. Spraying technology is also on top of my shopping list, such as machinery that can identify weed. This is a hot topic right now in my zone.


KWS Landwirtschaft GmbH, Germany

AGRITECHNICA 2022 is at the top of my list. After many online meetings, I need the atmosphere of personal conversations again right next to the product. It is a different way of getting to know people and technology, but also a different kind of technical discussion in the DLG technical forums on site. As an arable farmer and seed multiplier, I place the highest value on precision and quality. Innovative technologies can help here. I'm curious to see what has developed further in the field of mechanical weed control using shallow tillage and hoeing techniques. At Agritechnica I can not only see the such developments but also discuss them critically.


Farmer and service company Agrimarca , Palencia Castilla y León, Spain

I have visited AGRITECHNICA several times over the last ten years. The last time was in 2019. To me as a farmer, the exhibition is a global trade fair and a great benchmark. The event reaches all international markets across Europe and towards Asia. At the fair you can discover new trends and all the major machinery brands are present. For some years we have been working on the farm with systems based on precision farming. As this is a big investment, a visit to AGRITECHNICA supports me in obtaining information to be able to make technical decisions optimised to my working conditions here in Spain. At the trade fair, you can see what's coming in the next 10 years. Every time I go, it is spectacular and I am always amazed.


Head of Arable Farming at S&M Teepker GbR in Handrup, Lower Saxony, Germany

In our region, nutrient and water management are the top issues. Although I've already optimised a lot, I need the exchange with colleagues, because looking beyond the end of one's nose often helps. For me, AGRITECHNICA 2022 is the best opportunity to do this. I can discuss with experts, but I can also "test" the provider in a relaxed environment. That's only possible in person in a good, professional atmosphere. My shopping list for AGRITECHNICA 2022 therefore includes water-saving irrigation systems and fertilisation technology for the highest possible nutrient utilisation - both among the manufacturers and in the technical discussions in the supporting programme.


Arable farmer in the Kyiv region, Ukraine

I first visited AGRITECHNICA nearly 18 years ago and have been four times in total. As a farmer, I want to compare similar products in the same location. I want to see and touch the equipment to get a feel for its operation. This season, I am looking for self-propelled sprayers and it’s important to find the equipment that suits my farm’s needs for example with tall crops like sunflowers. I’m looking for hard facts on the equipment like how much it’s going to increase my yield. I am also interested in exchanging best-practice experience with German farmers to improve operational efficiency, and, of course, a big part of my visit is meeting up with colleagues socially. I can do all that at AGRITECHNICA.


Saat-Gut Plaußig Voges KG, Germany

As a producer of food in front of a critical metropolitan population, our company sets the highest standards for the entire production process. In this context, plant protection and fertilisation play a central role against the background of the drastically changing basic conditions. Because in addition to healthy, well-developed crops, we place the highest demands on the protection of ecological resources. AGRITECHNICA offers me an overview of the latest developments from soil cultivation to harvest logistics. For me, it will be about finding ways to further improve crop protection and make fertilisation more efficient. Discussions with manufacturers of appropriate technology as well as professional colleagues and other experts help - and all this in person and in one place. That's what AGRITECHNICA is all about for me.


Farmer in Ditzingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Although it's a journey of several hours for me to AGRITECHNICA in Hanover, it's worth the trip. In crop production, I see many projects coming up at the moment. And I might need a new technology or two to tackle them. But definitely need the exchange with professional colleagues. AGRITECHNICA offers me both in a great combination. The digital platform, ideal for preparing your visit to the trade fair and for networking during and after the trade fair. Hands-on technology and direct discussions on the product or at the pecialist events in the technical programme. In the future, I see robotics as a solution for weed management in maize and sugar beet. It's just one of many topics I want to find out more about in Hanover.


Arable farmer in Champagne, France

The main reason for visiting AGRITECHNICA is to discover innovations and methods that will enable me to farm more viably, which is one of my biggest challenges. There are enough exhibitors at AGRITECHNICA that offer information in French which is a plus for me. I use AGRITECHNICA to make sure I have all the information and facts that equip me to make the right decisions. When I am making a significant investment in technical equipment, the full specification is a must. In this way, I can enter into details with the companies and also offer them my practical input.