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AGRITECHNICA Tracker June 2021:

Considerable interest in AGRITECHNICA 2022 among visitors

With eight months still to go before kick-off, visitors' interest in AGRITECHNICA 2022 is already very high. Some 96 percent of potential visitors responding to a new online survey are considering visiting the world's leading trade fair for agricultural machinery in Hanover, Germany. Of these, 55 percent have already decided to visit AGRITECHNICA in Hanover next year, while 41 percent intend to make a decision in the next four to six months, as shown in the results of the new survey taken this month. The international survey is conducted regularly by the new AGRITECHNICA Tracker, which has been set up to monitor visitor intentions and interests in the international agricultural industry.

More than 2,800 potential AGRITECHNICA visitors from Germany, Western and Eastern Europe as well as other international agricultural regions took part in this maiden online survey. AGRITECHNICA will be taking place from 27 February to 5 March 2022 in Hanover, Germany. To ensure optimal preparation for the world's leading trade fair, “AGRITECHNICA digital”, the online program on DLG’s digital platform accompanying the in-person event, will kick off in November 2021, four months before the trade show starts.

 "Not only are we very satisfied with these results but we are also impressed with the high level of participation in this first AGRITECHNICA Tracker, which shows just how highly regarded the world's leading trade fair for agricultural machinery really is, not only in Germany but across the world," says Freya von Czettritz, Project Manager, AGRITECHNICA. "Following the postponement of AGRITECHNICA until February and March of next year, we're now ready to offer the necessary guidance and planning framework for visiting the trade fair in Hanover. These include flexible hygiene measures, updates to the organisation and an attractive technical program,” she added.

"AGRITECHNICA is a must for anyone looking for inspiring innovations. This has been true in the past and will continue to hold true in the future. Industry, trade and farming are practically champing at the bit for the live experience, the exciting technologies and fascinating discussions as well as the unique spirit of the agricultural machinery community. The current situation is filling us with confidence and all signs point to a restart, where the agricultural machinery sector is showing dynamic performance and is looking forward to AGRITECHNICA 2022. However, a sense of proportion is still called for. At the end of the day, the global pandemic still requires us all to be careful," says Klaus-Herbert Rolf, Chairman of the VDMA Press and Advertising Working Group.

Farmers are looking forward to AGRITECHNICA 2022 in Hanover

  • Asked about their current intention to visit AGRITECHNICA 2022, 96 percent of respondents surveyed this month said they are considering visiting the world's leading trade fair, with 55 percent already certain of their participation and 41 percent intending to make a decision in the next four to six months.

  • 59 percent of respondents from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are already firmly planning to visit the trade fair. Similarly, 54 percent of the respondents from the rest of Western Europe and 60 percent from Eastern Europe are going to visit.

  • Visitor intentions outside of Europe are dependent on the situation of the pandemic. At present, 45 percent of respondents are planning to travel to Hanover. However, a further 48 percent of those surveyed intend to make a decision in the next four to six months .

'Safe Business' concept meets expectations

  •  The planned hygiene measures of the AGRITECHNICA 'Safe Business' concept meets the respondents' priority requirements, with prerequisites for visiting the trade fair cited as travel without quarantine measures, a high rate of natural or vaccine immunity as well as vaccine certificates.
  • The continuing positive development of the pandemic and the associated relaxations on international travel are crucial for visitors from European countries and other international agricultural regions.

International agricultural industry looking forward to meeting face-to-face

When asked about their reasons for visiting AGRITECHNICA 2022 in Hanover, over 61 percent of respondents want to meet exhibiting companies face-to-face, 72 percent stated that they wanted tangible access to innovations and trends, and 51 percent wanted to obtain information about products, systems and applications at the exhibition.

When asked about the most important future topics within the industry, visitors listed automation/robotics, electrification, precision farming, sustainability and environmental protection.

The surveyed visitors show a strong interest in the products being exhibited. The respondents surveyed in June are particularly interested in the following products: tractors (62 percent); harvesting technology (46 percent); tillage and cultivation technology (44 percent), crop protection (33 percent) and fertilisation (25 percent); systems and components (29 percent); software solutions (27 percent).

AGRITECHNICA Tracker – regular visitor survey

Over 2,800 people from both Germany and abroad took part in the first AGRITECHICA Trackers online survey in June 2021. In addition to monitoring visitors' intentions to visit the world's leading trade fair in Hanover, the monthly surveys focus on the relevance of hygiene measures, the reasons for visiting the trade fair as well as the visitors' particular areas of interests. The next AGRITECHICA Tracker surveys are scheduled for July/August and September.