Award Criteria

All exhibiting companies at AGRITECHNICA can enter the awards competition and submit their innovations which will be examined and discussed in depth by an independent commission. The decision on whether a product is worthy of the Innovation Award AGRITECHNICA is taken by simple majority vote. 

Innovation Award Agritechnica in gold

An Innovation Award in gold is conferred on a product that presents a new concept and a changed functionality and the application of which gives rise to a new process or marks a substantial improvement to an existing process. The following criteria are critical for a product to earn a gold medal:

  • Relevance at farm level
  • Benefits in profitability and processes
  • Benefits to environment and energy use
  • Benefits for work load and safety

Innovation Award Agritechnica in silver

An Innovation Award in silver is conferred on an innovation that has been enhanced to such an extent that a substantial improvement in its function and process can be expected from it. At the same time, it need not meet all the criteria applicable for an Innovation Award in gold. The following criteria apply for a Silver Medal:

  • Relevance at farm level
  • Benefits to work load and quality of the work
  • Improved reliability

Panel of experts

The AGRITECHNICA Innovations Committee is a panel of independent scientists, researchers and consultants. Forward-looking farmers have also been on the committee since 2004 to reflect the needs and views at farmgate level. The members on the committee guarantee that their decisions are unbiased and based on profound expert knowledge. All innovations submitted in time and before the closing date will be assessed to the same strict criteria for eligibility for the Innovation Award AGRITECHNICA in gold or silver.

Download Award and Judging Regulations:

Award and Judging Regulations PDF