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When is the show open to the public?
Opening hours for visitors are from 9am to 6pm.

From what time can exhibitors access the grounds?
Exhibitors with an exhibitor season ticket or an exhibitor day ticket can access the grounds between 7am and 8pm.

Can I visit the show AGRITECHNICA free of charge?
All DLG members get a free two day admission to AGRITECHNICA from the second preview day onwards. Please register in advance with your membership number and your zip code, as there is only a limited ticket availability per day for reasons of hygiene.

List of exhibitors / catalogue
The new AGRITECHNICA digital and the overview of all exhibitors it contains will replace the paper catalogue from 2021. If you are looking for exhibitors or products, you can look them up digitally at AGRITECHNICA from November 2021.

Is there anywhere to leave bags or cases at the show?
There is a cloakroom at every entrance where you can also leave bags and cases. The use of the cloakrooms is chargeable.

Free Wifi with the SSID `MESSEfreewifi´ is available in all event halls, entrance areas and in parts of the outdoor area. If you entre any address, you will be redirected to the Deutsche Messe portal page. Free Wifi is available free of charge for 180 mintues a day. Connect your Free Wifi and access the Internet!

Important: Free Wi-Fi access cannot always be guaranteed everywhere or all the time and is therefore not suitable for absolutely necessary and secure connection to your own company server!

Where can I find information about restaurants on the exhibition grounds?
Our restaurant finder will provide you with important information, such as operatinghours,telephone numbers, and so on

Where can I get information on local cultural events?

Please contact :

Anette Burgdorf
Am Sportplatz 11
38644 Goslar
Tel: +49 /5321 3520 20
Fax: +49 /5321 3520 21
Email: awinter-leipzig(at)

Hannover Marketing & Tourismus GmbH
Vahrenwalder Straße 7
30165 Hannover
Tel.: +49 511/12345 555
Email: hotels(at)

Where can I get information about farm visits?

Ars Apodemica
Haunstetter Str.112,
86161 Augsburg
Tel.:+49 (0) 9421 - 9 69 82 16
Fax:+49 (0) 9421 - 9 69 90 44
E-Mail: info(at)

Goldmann-Touristik GmbH
Christian Goldmann
Kennedystraße 45
63477 Maintal (Germany)
Tel.: +49 (0) 6181 – 926797
Fax: +49 (0)6181 – 926798

Have people with disabilities free access?
Disabled visitors with a degree of 50 or more will be able to buy tickets for a reduced price. For each disabled person with mark "B" one companion can receive free entry. Exclusive days: discounted tickets are not available. Accompaniment is free on all days.

Are there disability-friendly toilets?
Disability-friendly toilets can be found in the hall plan of the respective hall. Or you can ask at any Info-Point where you will find the next disability-friendly toilet.

Can I rent a wheelchair? And what does it cost?
At the vehicle traction service points you can borrow a wheelchair – as well as electric wheelchairs – for free on a daily basis.
For further information please call:
+49 (0)511 89-33903 or: +49 (0)511 89-24024

Can I bring my dog to the show?
No, visitors are not allowed to bring pets onto the exhibition grounds.



With the digital platform, the DLG offers the first international agricultural platform in the virtual world. It offers you an international market overview of products and services of companies, provides information on the current industry topics and discusses strategies of professional crop production.

Exhibitors and visitors benefit from the extensive digital list of exhibitors with detailed company profiles, products and services offered and personalised contact data. The digital DLG Technical Programme with spotlights, topical forums, live events and expert chats offers current information from the industry. A personal digital calendar of events and video and chat services achieves targeted networking between exhibitors and visitors.

Visitors benefit from:

  • Presentation of all innovations from the agricultural engineering industry
  • Full text search on the platform to find solutions and products
  • Interesting lectures, discussions, conferences etc. from mid-November 2021 to the end of March 2022
  • Clear presentation of all exhibitors
  • Contact with other visitors who have the same interests, e.g .: exchange in discussion forums with other farmers
  • and much more

AGRITECHNICA digital opens it virtual gates in mid-November 2021. Until the trade fair in November, a diverse technical programme will take place on the platform. During the trade fair, events and contents at AGRITECHNICA digital can be followed on screen.
The platform will close its virtual gates at the end of March 2022.


Yes, AGRITECHNICA digital will remain open until the end of March 2022. Most functions will then continue to be available, with the exception of the functions Technical Programme and Meeting Calendar. That means you will continue to be able to contact exhibitors and visitors and can expand your network. Contributions from the technical programme will be available in our online archive after the event.


Yes, the user interface and texts of the exhibitor profiles are displayed in German or English, depending on the user language. For logos and uploaded videos of the exhibitors, no language distinction is possible.


Unrestricted participation is only possible with a browser and with sufficient bandwidth.

  • The following, popular web browsers (each in the current version) are supported: Chrome, Safari, Firefox. The use of outdated versions or other browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Edge, can lead to restrictions.
  • All audio and video functions run completely via the web browser. No plug-ins etc. will be integrated.
  • A sufficient bandwidth (see YouTube, Zoom, MS Team) is required for using video streams and audio-video calls.
  • The use of a headset is recommended.

No – exhibitors present their company and products in other intelligent ways.


All general information for planning your journey can be found here.

Entry regulations when travelling from abroad

Regulations for re-entering your country of origin

Please obtain information from the authorities in your country of origin in good time concerning the modalities applicable on re-entering the country.

Arrival by car

The trade fair grounds in Hanover offer a sufficient number of parking spaces and a modern guidance system that enables adherence to the distancing rules.

Arrival by plane

The current hygiene information for the following airports can be found here:

Arrival by train

The current hygiene information can be found here.

Arrival by local public transport

The current hygiene information can be found here.

Overnight stays

Our objective as the organiser is to offer you optimum conditions for your stay outside of the trade fair grounds as well. This is why we are working closely together with our partners. All hotels are obliged to implement the currently applicable hygiene and infection protection standards. Detailed information can be found on the hotels' websites.

You can also use our self-booking tool for your bookings, which shows you an overview of free room allotments in hotels, including prices.

  • Tickets can only be redeemed or purchased online in advance. Payment is only possible by credit card or PayPal.
  • When purchasing a ticket or redeeming a voucher, you must provide your personal contact details, which will be saved in the event of contact follow-up.
  • The tickets are available on the go and enable contactless access.
  • In addition to a valid ticket, you need valid proof of recovery, vaccination or testing
  • Your proof can be digitally added to the ticket when registering or purchasing a ticket and enables you to enter the trade fair more quickly.

Compact instructions for purchasing your ticket can be found here

  • In order to enable specific contact tracking in suspected cases, visitors and exhibitors (as well as their service providers) will initially be recorded digitally at the entrances to the grounds throughout the entire event period.
  • Prior, personal registration incl. home address is obligatory.
  • The personal data provided during registration (last name, first name, full address and telephone number) will be anonymised and assigned with an ID.
  • Contacts are recorded on site using an app provided by the DLG, which respects the applicable data protection regulations.
  • When scanning is carried out, only the anonymised ID of the visitor, the recording period and the location will be logged and connected to the ID of the recording person.
  • When visiting seated catering areas, the contact data will be recorded by the catering operator by means of scanning.
  • The organiser is obliged to retain the contact data for a period of four weeks commencing on the first day following the event. All personal data will be stored exclusively on servers located in Germany and will subsequently be deleted.
  • If necessary, the public health department will be provided with the recorded contact data for evaluation and processing by the organiser / venue operator or by a company commissioned to do this.

Disinfection and cleaning

  • The trade fair grounds in Hanover offer an outstanding infrastructure that already guarantees the highest of hygiene standards.
  • When events are conducted, the cleaning frequency is additionally increased; entrance and exit areas, toilets, etc. are also disinfected several times per day. Disinfectant dispensers can be found in the entrance areas, in toilet facilities, at service points, in the forums and in conference areas.

Guidance system and signposting

The trade fair grounds are equipped with a modern guidance system. It enables visitor streams to be specifically controlled. Signs and loudspeaker announcements, etc. will also be used regularly to point out the protective measures at the trade fair grounds.


The air handling systems of the individual buildings and building sections will be operated using 100% fresh air (outside air) in order to guarantee continuous, repeated air exchange.


Gastronomy and catering will ensure the industry-specific infection protection regulations valid at the time of the event subject to adherence to the Lower Saxony coronavirus regulation provisions valid at the time of the event. Contact recording will be necessary on entering the catering facilities and areas. The catering areas will be extended with additional facilities outdoors.

Medical care

If you feel unwell and present symptoms of COVID-19, please contact the medical centre (initially) by telephone: Telephone: +49-511-89-30030 The medical centre is located behind the glass transition from north entrance 1 to hall 20 (please follow the signs).

Rapid test stations in front of the trade fair grounds

Test stations are planned at several entrances to the trade fair grounds.

Keep your distance

  • When entering and exiting the event as well as throughout the entire period of the event, all persons at the trade fair grounds are obliged to adhere to a minimum distance of 1.50 m from one another if possible.
  • We will be supporting adherence to the safety distance with wider aisles and sufficient space in the entrance areas. Seating in forums and conference rooms will also be adapted to the safety distance regulations.
  • Floor markings and notices in suitable locations will point out adherence to the distancing rules.

Full-face masks

  • Relaxations may arise depending on (epidemiological) developments and vaccination progress. We will be continuously checking whether and the extent to which wearing a full-face mask is necessary.
  • A medical mask or an FFP2 full-face mask must be worn in enclosed spaces and buildings at the trade fair grounds. Masks with an exhalation valve are impermissible.
  • Subject to mutual agreement, exhibitors and customers can remove their full-face masks if a distance of 1.50 m is possible or a protective partition is available.
  • Full-face masks may only be removed in catering areas once you have taken your seat and the distancing rules are adhered to.
  • Wearing a mask outdoors is not mandatory if the minimum distance is adhered to.
  • If you have forgotten your mask or lose it, a number of standardised full-face masks are available at central points on the trade fair grounds.

Washing hands

Coughing and sneezing

Please adhere to the coughing and sneezing etiquette by coughing into the crook of your arm.

General state of health

  • Embark on your visit to the trade fair grounds in Hanover only if you are in a good state of health.
  • If you feel unwell and present symptoms of COVID-19, please contact the medical centre (initially) by telephone: Phone: +49 511 89-30030
  • The medical centre is located behind the glass transition from north entrance 1 to hall 20 (please follow the signs).

Here you find an update on the current Covid-19 situation.

  • in Germany
  • in Europe: Daily COVID-19 situation update for the EU/EEA

Here you find the latest information on the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

  • Information of the German Federal Foreign Office on entry restrictions, testing and quarantine regulations in Germany  
  • Current information for travellers from the Federal Ministry of Health  
  • Here you find current general information of the AUMA, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry, on entry requirements for trade fair participants from abroad 

Find out whether your destination country accepts your covid vaccine as valid for travel via this LINK. In case your covid vaccine is not accepted in Germany you´ll be able to enter with a negative PCR test. You´ll be able to enter the fairground with a negative 72h PCR test or 24h rapid test.