Prices for exhibitors

Use our price calculator for a quick and simple calculation of the cost of your stand: Download the PDF and enter the space you require. The total price will be calculated automatically. The minimum stand size is 12m².

Stand area (without stand construction)

Row stand 1 side open € 147 per m2
Corner stand 2 sides open € 169 per m2
Peninsula stand 3 sides open € 177 per m2
Island stand 4 sides open € 183 per m2
AUMA contribution € 0.60 per m2
Registration fee per stand € 360
Media entry (basic entry) per exhibitor € 245
Co-exhibitor fee per Co-exhibitor 285 €

Stand area including stand construction

The Full Service  stand includes:

  • Stand construction
  • Selected services: 230V/3kW power connection, daily cleaning, one set of waste collection bags for waste disposal during the event and basic media entry
  • Registration fee, basic media entry, AUMA (music rights) fee
    Basic fee per stand € 795 per stand

    Stand construction, Comfort version

    Row stand 1 side open € 255 per m2
    Corner stand 2 sides open € 275 per m2

    Stand construction, Superior version

    Row stand 1 side open € 285 per m2
    Corner stand 2 sides open € 307 per m2

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