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(Last updated: 28 July 2022)

New 2023

The next AGRITECHNICA will be taking place from 12 to 18 November 2023 at the trade fair grounds in Hanover.

You can register for AGRITECHNICA 2023 from 1 November 2022 at the exhibitor service portal.

Prices for AGRITECHNICA 2023 can be found here from autumn onwards.


AGRITECHNICA 2022 is being cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This is regulated in section 10.1.1. a) of the GTCs.

DLG Service GmbH shall be entitled to cancel the exhibition [in the event that] a) a sovereign measure (…) exists or the execution of the event is urgently advised against, regardless of whether such sovereign measure is addressed directly to DLG Service GmbH or to the general public. This also includes all sovereign measures in connection with the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19.

The legal ramification in 10.2.1. of the GTCs is derived from this:

In the event of a complete cancellation prior to the start of the event, the Exhibitor shall remain liable for payment of a contribution to cover the costs incurred by DLG Service GmbH to fulfil the contract and to prepare and stage the event or to provide services already ordered by the Exhibitor until the day of cancellation by DLG Service GmbH (so called "advance costs"). These advance costs shall amount to at least 25 % of the Exhibitor's fee (…)

In consultation with the exhibitor advisory board, DLG will only invoice the exhibitor for 15% of the up-front costs instead of the 25%. The costs incurred by the exhibitors will therefore also be taken into consideration in this way.

These costs cannot be offset against the next event.

The registration fee (EUR 480) and booked media packages (EUR 690 and upgrades) will not be reimbursed.

Exhibitors received a cancellation invoice for their stand rent, the AUMA contribution and the advance payment for ancillary costs. The repayments were made in the first quarter of 2022.

If you have waived a reversal of the credit (85% of the stand rental invoice from AGRITECHNICA 2022), this will be credited to you at AGRITECHNICA 2023.