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(Status: 29 July 2021)

You can now register in the exhibitor service portal. We recommend that all exhibitors register before the start of hall planning (August 1st,
2021) so that stand requests can be checked and taken into account. If there is still free stand space, registrations can also be made at a later
point in time.

In the event of cancellation before the stand confirmation, the registration fee of EUR 480 will be charged.  If you cancel after receiving your stand confirmation, you will be charged 25% or more of the stand rental invoice. See the table below for details.


Withdrawal from agreement

Amendment to agreement
(from full-service stand to stand space without stand construction)

Period within which notice of cancellation is received by DLG Service GmbH

Compensation in % of the usual participation fee based on the registered or confirmed stand area or full-service stand

Before stand confirmation 

480 EUR


From stand confirmation until November 15, 2021



From November 16, 2021 to December 14, 2021



From December 14, 2021 to March 05, 2022



  • The registration fee of EUR 480.00 is invoiced after examination of the registration.
  • The stand rental invoice plus auxiliary costs (electricity, water, tickets) of 25 EUR/m² are payable on receipt of the stand confirmation. 
    Payment terms are 14 days after receipt of invoice. The stand confirmation and invoice are sent in the end of September 2021.
  • After the trade fair the balance for the auxiliary costs will be settled in the form of a credit, refund or invoice.

DLG Service GmbH reserves the right to cancel the event if its commercial viability cannot be guaranteed.

The mutual performance obligations of the contractual partners shall cease to apply upon cancellation.

DLG Service GmbH is obliged to refund any payments already made by the exhibitor, provided that services paid for have not been rendered at the time of cancellation. 

If the event is cancelled in full before it starts, the exhibitor is required to pay a contribution to cover the pre-operating costs.
The exhibitor's share of the pre-operating costs shall be at least 25% of the exhibitor fee (which includes the registration fee and stand rental), unless the exhibitor can demonstrate entitlement to a lesser fee.

In the unlikely event that AGRITECHNICA 2021 has to be cancelled or postponed, the amount can be credited for next AGRITECHNICA.

If the event is postponed, the agreement is deemed valid for the new venue or date, provided that the exhibitor consents to this amendment within two weeks of being notified. Otherwise, the agreement shall not be carried over. In this case, DLG Service GmbH is entitled to withdraw from the agreement and to charge the exhibitor at least 25% of the exhibitor fee for services rendered prior to notifying the exhibitor of the amendments. The exhibitor is entitled to pay a reduced fee if they can demonstrate that the costs deducted should be lower.

In the unlikely event of a postponement, this amount can be used as a credit for the next AGRITECHNICA.

If a lockdown occurs abroad and exhibitors from a specific country have to cancel their participation in the trade fair, the general cancellation conditions apply (see question 2.). Before cancelling, we recommend that exhibitors check whether their stand could instead be staffed by German partners, dealers or service providers.

Cancelling a stand area in 2021/2022 does not constitute a right to a stand area at the next AGRITECHNICA in 2023. However, we will be happy to check the possibilities for assigning the stand area to the exhibitors concerned once again.

As soon as a COVID-19 disease is suspected, a quick test (provided by DLG) will be carried out on the exhibition grounds.

If the rapid test is positive, a laboratory test (PCR test in the clinic) is initiated. From this point onwards, the stand colleagues must wear an FFP2 mouth and nose cover (without valve).

In addition, the entire team has to take a quick test the next morning. (We are currently checking the organizational implementation and will inform you here if there is any news). In the event of a second case of infection in the stand team, it is not advisable to continue the trade fair.

If the quick test at the exhibition center turns out negative, the employee must still leave the exhibition grounds and first go home / to the hotel.

According to current knowledge, the (symptom-free) employee must have another quick test at the entrance to the site on the following day before he can go back to the stand.

We have consulted an insurance company who tells us that cancellation insurance is not currently available for exhibitors. Please contact your insurance company directly to find out what options are available.

The floor plans will be more generous than in previous years. We will allocate daily ticket quotas to ensure that only the maximum permitted number of visitors and stand personnel gain entry to the exhibition grounds each day.  This will ensure that visitors are evenly spread over each day of the trade fair.
See next question

A basic requirement for the successful implementation of an event under the current circumstances is an offer of sufficient living and exercise space.

For this purpose, we will probably work with a ticket contingent.

This measure is primarily intended to distribute the usual number of visitors more evenly over the entire duration of the event.

We are also planning with newly organized entrance areas, widening of the main paths within the halls and additional areas for the gastronomic offers.

(last Update: March 29, 2021)

It is currently unclear whether evening events and stand parties will be possible. In the current pandemic situation, such events would not be permitted. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust the requirements accordingly as soon as the situation can be assessed at the time of the event.

It is essential to ensure that everyone on the stand is given the opportunity to maintain the minimum distance of 1.50 m from other people.

To avoid dead ends on the stand, plan walking routes which go around.

Please plan your stand as openly and transparently as possible.

The seating in meeting and catering areas must be planned in such a way that the minimum distance can be maintained here as well. If a visitor and / or an employee of the stand passes seated persons, the minimum distance can be briefly minimized. Anyway, it would be good to separate those areas from the flow of visitors.

Products may continue to be presented in demonstrations in compliance with the applicable distance and hygiene regulations. Shows and / or campaigns with a targeted high audience impact, which bind visitors in a small space, should not be used.

For further details, please refer to the Safe Business Concept.

(last Update: March 29, 2021)

Basically, you must ensure that any items being handed out cannot be touched by several people. So wherever possible, items should be handed out or received directly. If this is only possible to a limited extent, then hands must be disinfected before touching the item, or the item must be disinfected afterwards.

In the case of temporarily used cubicles for your own employees, the general rules of conduct apply (minimum distance, etc.).

The cabins should be designed with an open ceiling to enable a continuous exchange of air.

Cabins and rooms that are used for a longer period - also with your customers – have to be big enough, so  the minimum distance between people can be maintained at all times.

In addition, an optimized air exchange must be ensured - open ceiling, no tower-like wall structures.

(last Update: March 29, 2021)

High-traffic areas and frequently used contact surfaces must be disinfected several times a day; the stand must be professionally cleaned at least once a day.

As the exhibitor you are responsible for ensuring that the operation of your stand, the activities associated with your stand and thus the behaviour of your staff comply with the official rules and applicable Technical Guidelines.

When training your staff, it is important to ensure that they are made fully aware of the hygiene regulations (social distancing, face masks, frequent handwashing, no physical contact …).

To complement the Technical Guidelines we have drawn up a list of hygiene and safety measures aimed at preventing infection (Safe Business) designed to inform you as the exhibitor and your contractors about the current requirements.

See Question 20 on providing refreshments for customers on your stand

Contact recording for the visitors of a trade fair stand will be carried out by the exhibitor using an app. With this, the exhibitor is required to scan the visitor's badge in the case of discussions that last longer than 15 minutes.
The personal data provided during registration will be anonymised and assigned with an ID. When scanning is carried out, only the anonymised ID of the visitor, the recording period and the location will be logged and connected to the ID of the recording person. The recorded data will be used solely for contact tracking. They will only be made available to the public health department if necessary and must be deleted in full after a retention period of four weeks.

Use of the app provided by the organiser for contact tracking is already included in the basic package. The number of licences for this app varies depending on the stand size (calculation key to follow). A corresponding upgrade for commercial use (lead management) via the same tool (Scan2Lead from the provider Adventics) can be booked in the exhibitor service portal after receipt of the stand confirmation.

(last updated: 22 January 2021)

Food and drink

Unpackaged food items should be served by trained personnel only (no self-service). If you are planning a catering area with unpackaged food items, we recommend hiring a professional caterer, since they are obliged to comply with all hygiene regulations. The professional exhibition caterer is Messe Gastronomie, Mr Ost, email:, tel: +49 511 89-33520

Ideally, food and drink should be offered in individual sealed packages.

Crockery and cutlery

Please use either prepacked disposable cutlery or reusable cutlery cleaned in a dishwasher. Crockery and cutlery must not be washed by hand.

Important notice

Hand washbasins must be equipped with soap and disinfectant dispensers and must not be used for washing cutlery, crockery or kitchen/stand cleaning utensils.

You may hold meetings and workshops on your stand.
Where possible, the air exchange rate in all meeting rooms should be at least doubled to ensure adequate ventilation. In addition, we recommend ventilating meeting rooms for at least 15 minutes during each hour of use.

Alternatively, you can use "AGRITECHNICA digital" to stream meetings, workshops, press conferences and other events. Click here for more details.

The general regulations of the latest version of the Lower Saxony ordinance on infection protection measures to halt the spread of the coronavirus apply throughout the assembly and dismantling phase in addition to the Technical Guidelines.

According to these regulations, several people are permitted to congregate for professional purposes.

Specifically, the following points must be observed:

  • If possible, a minimum distance of 1.50 m between people must be adhered to during all work. If this is not possible in exceptional cases, technical and organisational measures must be used (e.g. visors or face masks).
  • Where possible, group you employees in small, fixed teams and ensure that they remain in these teams while working, travelling to and from the venue and during breaks.
  • Please instruct your employees to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • Exhibitors and their appointed service providers are obliged to record the attendance of their assembly and dismantling employees separately each day.
  • Exhibitors must inform all employees of the SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety standards and ensure that they understand the instructions. This particularly applies to social distancing and hygiene regulations, i.e. greeting without shaking hands; coughing and sneezing into your elbow and frequent, thorough hand washing.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the exhibition halls. If possible, breaks should always be taken in the open air.

More details can be found in the Safe Business Plan.


The regulations for entering the exhibition grounds have changed.

On each assembly and dismantling day, the personalised assembly and dismantling card will be checked by marshals on entering or accessing the exhibition grounds.

Separate dismantling regulations are expected to apply on the last day of the trade fair and the first day of dismantling. Details will be announced during the trade fair. Please allow more time for dismantling.

We strongly advise accommodating employees and guests in single rooms. Shared accommodation is to be avoided.

As the event organiser, we have no basic agreements with the hotels in Hanover and the surrounding area.

Please contact your hotel in good time to plan accommodation for your employees and customers.

Due to the current situation, there should be adapted solutions for your hotel bookings for AGRITECHNICA 2022. This means, for example, special cancellation conditions negotiated in advance that give you more flexibility. DMAG and DEHOGA offer to discuss cases of conflict and find solutions in a moderated dialogue. If you cannot find a solution in direct contact with your accommodation, please send the process with the details to Deutsche Messe AG / Ms. Schaaf -