Trademark licence agreement AGRITECHNICA

The designation "AGRITECHNICA" and the "AGRITECHNICA" logos are protected as trademarks for the benefit of the organiser and are registered in the Union Trademark Register. The use of these trademarks by exhibitors therefore requires the consent of the organiser.

The organiser's consent shall be deemed to have been granted if and to the extent the exhibitor

  • uses the trademark(s) exclusively for the purpose of communicating its participation or advertising its exhibitor status at AGRITECHNICA and/or
  • provides merchandising articles to be provided free of charge with the organiser's trademark(s).

If an exhibitor intends to provide merchandising articles with the trademark(s) for the purpose of exchanging them for a consideration or selling them ("merchandising article”), the prior conclusion of a separate licence agreement with the organiser is required.

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