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Your starting point as an exhibitor at AGRITECHNICA DIGITAL. In short videos and OnePagers you will get to know the most important functions of the new business platform.

(Last updated: 8 October 2021)


Profile administration

Reading time: 4 minutes

Number of pages: 3


Access for employees

Reading time: 2 minutes

Number of pages: 2


How to use the platform

Reading time: 1 minute

Number of pages: 1



Your own event

Reading time: 1 minute

Number of pages: 1


Choose from three event types

Reading time: 1 minute

Number of pages: 1


Technical details of the event types

Reading time: 3 minutes

Number of pages: 1


How to book an event

Reading time: 2 minutes

Number of pages: 1



Using the backoffice correctly

Reading time: 30 seconds

Number of pages: 1


Using the backoffice

  • an an employee
  • as a dealer

Reading time: 1 minute

Number of pages: 1


Using the backoffice

  • as a visitor

Reading time: 2 minutes

Number of pages: 1


Contact data report

Reading time: 1 minute

Number of pages: 1


Information on data privacy

Reading time: 2 minutes

Number of pages: 1



(Last updated: 11 May 2021)

AGRITECHNICA digital is a digital, international agricultural platform to complement the AGRITECHNICA in-person trade fair.

Starting in November 2021, it will offer you an international market overview of products and services from AGRITECHNICA exhibitors and other companies. The specialist knowledge platform provides information on current industry topics and discusses strategies for professional plant production.

Participants and visitors benefit from the extensive digital exhibitor directory with detailed company profiles, contact options and by accessing specialist content. The digital DLG specialist program with spotlights, topic forums, live events and expert chats offer unique content.

From now on companies can book their participation in AGRITECHNICA digital. Beginning November 15 2021, visitors to AGRITECHNICA digital will find a diverse technical programme.

AGRITECHNICA digital opens it virtual gates November 15, 2021. Until the trade fair in February/ March 2022, a diverse technical programme will take place on the platform. During the trade fair, events and contents at AGRITECHNICA digital can be followed on screen.

The platform will close its virtual gates at March 31, 2022.

All participants and visitors can use the platform around the clock and around the globe.

Companies that hold a public or private event should ensure that the participants can get in touch with them before, during and after the


Yes, AGRITECHNICA digital will remain open until the end of March 31, 2022.. Most functions will then continue to be available, with the exception of the functions Technical Programme and Meeting Calendar. That means you will continue to be able to contact exhibitors and visitors and can expand your network. Contributions from the technical programme will be available in our online archive after the event.


Yes, the user interface and texts of the exhibitor profiles are displayed in German or English, depending on the user language. For logos and uploaded videos of the exhibitors, no language distinction is possible.


As a trade fair exhibitor, participation in AGRITECHNICA digital is mandatory. You automatically book the BASIC media package with your
stand. If you want to expand the scope of your participation, you can book media package upgrades here.

As a digital attendee, you have various options for participating in AGRITECHNICA digital. Here you can choose between three different packages, which can each be upgraded with communication and advertising options:

  • SMART Package (standard functions)
  • PIONEER Package (with additional functions)
  • GLOBAL Package (includes all functions)

You'll find additional information and priceshere.

As an exhibitor at the trade fair in Hanover, you will receive a basic entry, which will already be visible from November 2021. The technical programme and other participants will also be visible. As an exhibitor, you can then already make appointments, contact participants via text or audio video chat and view and download the visitor database from the backoffice.

In October 2021 we will send you a self-administration link. With this you can easily add information that goes beyond your normal trade fair registration and design your company profile. The upload of content with the self-administration link is immediately visible to everyone on the platform and can be adjusted at any time.

All relevant data of the registered exhibitors will be transferred from the Exhibitor Service Portal to the platform. In October 2021 we will send you a self-administration link for additional information and the design of your presence at the AGRITECHNICA digital.


Yes, the meeting length is dependent on which exhibition package you have booked:

  • SMART Package: 10 minutes
  • PIONEER Package: 20 minutes
  • GLOBAL Package: unlimited

Here you will find a screenshot of a company profile of AGRITECHNICA digital.

Yes, exhibitors can place external URLs and links to their social media channels in their company profile.


If an exhibitor cancels its participation in the trade fair, it misses out on the discounted prices for hybrid exhibitors.
The exhibitor then has to pay the regular digital price, if he/she decides for a purely digital participation.

If the physical trade fair in Hanover is cancelled by DLG or has to be cancelled due to force majeure, the exhibitor will still benefit from the discounted hybrid digital prices.

gital participation can be cancelled free of charge up to confirmation of registration by DLG.
Cancellation once registration has been confirmed is not possible. Service provision by DLG Service GmbH starts on commencement of profile administration (use of the self-administration link by the digital exhibitor).

In this regard, see also digital Ts and Cs. Information concerning 'Cancellation, contractual period and termination' can be found on page 5 under point 11.


(Last updated: 11 May 2021)

Unrestricted participation is only possible with a browser and with sufficient bandwidth.

  • The following, popular web browsers (each in the current version) are supported: Chrome, Safari, Firefox. The use of outdated versions or other browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Edge, can lead to restrictions.
  • All audio and video functions run completely via the web browser. No plug-ins etc. will be integrated.
  • A sufficient bandwidth (see YouTube, Zoom, MS Team) is required for using video streams and audio-video calls.
  • The use of a headset is recommended.

No – exhibitors present their company and products in other intelligent ways.


The BASIC media package is mandatory for all exhibitors at the presence fair and it is a kind of extended basic media entry. It includes the entry in the list of exhibitors at AGRITECHNICA digital and includes other attractive services. For details please refer to the overview "Booking packages".

The Media Package BASIC is only available to exhibitors at the fair. Exhibitors of the AGRITECHNICA digital (which don't have a stand on the fair) can choose between the Media Packages SMART, PIONEER and GLOBAL.

Hybrid exhibitors can upgrade the Media package BASIC.

You can maintain the content yourself simply and easily. From October 2021 you will receive a so-called self-administration link with which you can adapt and add your content at any time.

Your company profile at AGRITECHNICA digital is your digital business card.

The company profile always includes: company name, stand position, address including website and contact details, company logo, descriptive
text, year of foundation, company size, industry, links to appearances on social media channels, various other external links, product keywords
from the regular product directory ("product index"), other keywords for better location, general company videos, short profiles of participating

Depending on the Media Package selection, there are also: Product and brand profiles with their respective descriptive texts, images, videos and

447,000 visitors of the AGRITECHNICA 2019 have been registered with their e-mail adress. All visitors are being made aware of the platform
since November 2020 and will receive the invitation and ticket as soon as the platform is active. Also the more than 30,000 DLG members. There
are also numerous collaborations with specialist magazines and multiplicative partners. The DLG's technical events will also be advertised specifically to potential visitors.

Please contact us if you would like to advertise your events at AGRITECHNICA digital explicitly to visitors. We'll offer you various ways to use the channels and coverage of AGRITECHNICA.

Yes, there are plans to closely interlink the digital platform and the app.

No, every visitor to the platform will have their own access.

As an exhibitor and administrator, you can give employees unlimited access free of charge.

Exhibitors / participants enter the corresponding e-mail addresses of the employees in the back office of the company profile. As soon as an
employee has registered on the platform, he/she is automatically assigned to the company and has access to the back office.

By registering, each person (exhibitor/visitor) agrees to the use of his/her data by the DLG and the exhibitors with whom he/she comes into contact.

The data protection provision is as follows:

"Yes, I agree to my data (company, first name, last name, position, phone number, E-mail and marketing characteristics) being passed on to the exhibitors of the event for the purpose of sending me advertising information on the services they offer.
This consent only applies to those exhibitors whose exhibitor profile content, programme content or digital meeting rooms I have used via the "AGRITECHNICA app" or the "AGRITECHNICA Digital Platform" or with whom I have exchanged my contact details via networking/lead tracking or to whom I have transmitted my contact details when attending an event of "AGRITECHNICA digital". I can revoke this consent at any time, e.g. with an e-mail to“

Your profile must be updated until November 14, 2021, as the platform will go live on November 15, 2021. In addition, it will then still be possible to customise and add information via the self-care link.


AGRITECHNICA digital is an international agricultural platform. In addition to comprehensive information on products and production systems in crop production, the platform primarily offers access to the great AGRITECHNICA community.

Visitors can be addressed specifically by updating the keywords.

As an exhibitor you benefit from extensive reports and leads, which you can download as CSV file depending on the Media Package you have

The platform is clearly structured and intuitive to use. We offer you and your employees various tutorials over the next few months. Furthermore, the AGRITECHNICA team is always available to answer any questions.


Please contact the DLG Publishing House:
Harms Mentzel, Tel.: +49-(0)69- 24-788-478
Holger Wolff, Tel.: +49 (0)69 24 788-456


Please contact the AGRITECHNICA project team.
Your enquiry will be answered there or forwarded to the right contact person.



(Last updated: 11 May 2021)

  • Profile settings: Click on the pencil next to the profile photo and edit your profile.
  • "Networking" (on/off): You are only visible in networking and can be found and contacted when you've set this switch to "on".
  • "Please do not disturb" (on/off): When this switch is set to "on", you cannot receive any calls or chats, but you remain visible.
  • Specify camera, loudspeaker and microphone
  • View blocked contacts

Tip: When you are accessible, a green dot will appear next to your profile picture. If you're in an appointment, this dot is orange. In the "Please do not disturb" status, the dot is red.

Depending on the exhibitor package, the "Contact Data Report" shows not only the personal data of the lead (e.g. name, address, structural data), but also which contact points the interested person had with your company. This entry refers to the downloadable "Contact Data Report" from the exhibitor's back office.

In addition to the personal data, the columns contain the following:

  • Opt-in: Consent granted that the exhibitor may contact the visitor with advertising content.
  • Detail page: Your company profile at "AGRITECHNICA digital" has been visited.
  • Video Info Counter: The public Video Info Counter in your company profile has been visited.
  • Appointment request: Meeting date with exhibitor requested.
  • Interest expressed: Visitor would like to be contacted by the exhibitor.
  • Recommendation: Visitor has recommended the exhibitor to others.
  • Meeting: Visitor has entered an audio/video room.
  • Link: Visitor has clicked links of the exhibitor.
  • Media: Visitor has downloaded file attachments of the exhibitor.
  • Live stream: Visitor has viewed the specified programme events.
  • Programme event: Visitor has viewed the descriptive detail page of the programme event.

Your company's contact will update all information in the  Exhibitor Service Portal. These will be adopted in the company profile of the digital platform.

Additional information on products and brands can be entered directly on the platform via a self-care link. We'll send you the self-care link from mid of October 2021.

  • Surname
  • Logo
  • Address
  • General contact details
  • Description text: Description (max 5,000 characters de / en)
  • Category (s) (nomenclature keywords): 15
  • Profile photo for company tile (header, e.g. key visual): 2,560x640 px
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Xing, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Product Index (Categorie)
  • Brands (3): Name, logo, category (from nomenclature), description (max 4,000 characters German/English) and file attachments (up to 500 MB each, e.g. videos, photos, PDFs)
  • Products (25): Name, logo, category (from nomenclature), description (max 4,000 characters German/English) and file attachments (up to 500 MB each, e.g. videos, photos, PDFs)
  • Keywords
  • Links: You can set additional links.
  • Brands (3): Name, logo, category (from nomenclature), description (max 4,000 characters German/English) and file attachments (up to 500 MB each, e.g. videos, photos, PDFs)
  • Products (25): Name, logo, category (from nomenclature), description (max 4,000 characters German/English) and file attachments (up to 500 MB each, e.g. videos, photos, PDFs)
  • Employees
  • File attachments (up to 500 MB each, e.g. video, photos, PDFs)


  • The motif (e.g. logo or text) of the profile photo for the "company tile" should be positioned centred if possible, as it will also be used for your interactive company tile in the list of exhibitors. With a ¼ tile in the "SMART" Media Package, both sides of the full image will be cut off.
  • Avoid text in the Key Visual, as the logo and the first sentence of the company description will automatically be laid over it.
  • Add meaningful keywords so you can be found more easily with the search function.

Additional information:

  • Founding year
  • Size of company
  • Industry/sector


  • Possible file sizes: png, jpg, mp4, ppt of PDF
  • Uploaded video content is not available for streaming, but instead can only be downloaded

The purchaser's personal details are automatically transferred to the digital platform upon registration. The personal profile is not visible to others. The purchaser can name other employees of the company who are available for customer inquiries and who are named on the company profile. 

Sizes: there are 4 different sizes for the company tile in the Exhibitor directory. These are dependent on the exhibitor package booked.

  1. GLOBAL package (at least 2,560x640 px)
  2. PIONEER package (at least 1,280x640 px)
  3. SMART package (cannot be individually adjusted; both sides of the key visual from the company profile (2,560x640 px) will be cut off.
  4. BASIC package (cannot be individually adjusted; both sides of the key visual from the company profile (2,560x640 px) will be cut off.


  • With differing resolutions, please retain the aspect ratio.
  • File format: svg (recommended, best suited for all purposes) or png.
  • Maximum file size: none, however we recommend optimising the file sizes with regard to the loading times for slow devices.