Our Partners for Accommodation in Hanover and Surroundings

Our competent partners will assist you to find an adequate hotel or private accommodation in Hanover and surroundings:

Hannover Marketing & Tourismus GmbH

- Accommodation Service -
Vahrenwalder Straße 7
30165 Hannover
Phone: +49 (0)511 - 12345 555
Fax: +49 (0)511 - 12345 556
Mail: hotels(at)hannover-tourismus.de
Web: http://www.hannover.de/hotels/agritechnica

HANNO-FAIR Event GmbH & Co. KG

Anette Burgdorf
Am Sportplatz 11
38644 Goslar
Tel: +49-5321-352020
Email: info(at)hanno-fair.com
Web: http://www.at.hanno-fair.com


Ronald Kietzmann
Bornumer Str.150
30455 Hannover
Tel.: +49 (0)511 81 21 44
Fax: +49 (0)511 81 21 79
Mail: info(at)hannover-quartier.de 
Web: www.Hannover-Quartier.de 

Compass Tours Incoming (Hotelship)

Mr. Thorsten Schwarz
Nachmittagsweg 8A
30539 Hannover
Tel. +49 (0)511 8076073
Mail: t.schwarz(at)kater-dmc.de
Web: www.kater-dmc.de

Flats and houses

- Private apartments and houses –
Antje Höfner
Tel: +49 (0) 511 21 388 388
Fax: +49 (0) 511 21 388 389
Mail: info(at)4yourfairs.de
Web: https://www.messezimmer-hannover-4yourfairs.de/ 

Airbnb rooms

Rooms available – stay as a guest with farmers in the region!


AGRITECHNICA-Camp is just a few minutes’ walk away

Caravan site directly on the fair grounds

Arnumer lake campground

Birkensee campground

Blue Lake campground

Important notes for your reservation:

Exhibitors and visitors report that there are fraudulent hotel reservation services operating on the internet. For this reason, we recommend that you review offers very carefully, including the following points:

  • Check the legal conditions of the service on its homepage.
  • Check the offers and confirmations of reservations immediately for correctness of date and commitment to specific accommodation. Confirmations of reservation containing elements such as “or comparable” could mean for example that you will be put in a different hotel to the one planned.
  • Check on the internet whether the accommodation has received good ratings in the past or if customers have reported problems.
  • Check the service’s homepage for prominent references, and enquire there if in doubt.