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In the back office you'll find the information on the visitors that have visited your contents depending on the BASIC, PIONEER or GLOBAL package:

  • the general visitor database

  • all contact requests

  • all appointment requests

Add already registered "AGRITECHNICA digital" users of your company, who have logged in at least once beforehand, as part of your exhibitor team. They then have the same rights as every other employee in your back office.

Manage team members:

  • Direct link to the company profile (provided you have already been linked by the stand organiser via the Back Office).
  • Display as "Contact" (on/off): If this switch is activated, you are visible and can be contacted in your company's Video Info Counter.
  • "Standby Video Info Counter" (on/off): If this switch is on, you are on standby for the public Video Info Counter of your company profile. This means you will be called as soon as someone enters the room so that you do not need to continually remain in the room, even when otherwise no one is there.
  • Each team member manages his/her personal settings in his/her own Contact Center.

Depending on the exhibitor package: selectable, (downloadable) list of your "AGRITECHNICA digital" visitors (latest at top), who interact with your company's contents and have agreed to this online tracking via opt-in.

This opt-in includes that the corresponding users may also be contacted by the exhibitor.

"Yes, I agree to my data (company, first name, last name, position, phone number, E-mail and marketing characteristics) being passed on to the exhibitors of the event for the purpose of sending me advertising information on the services they offer. This consent only applies to the exhibitors, whose exhibitor contents, programme contents or digital meeting rooms I have used via the "AGRITECHNICA digital" platform, or with whom I have exchanged my contact data via Networking/Lead Tracking, or whom I have sent my contact data during a visit to an event of "AGRITECHNICA digital". I can revoke this consent at any time, e.g. with an E-mail to"

By setting a checkmark, you can mark visitors as "processed" and have only unprocessed visitors shown with the switch above the list.

The list also indicates what the visitor has viewed when visiting the exhibitor: Company profile, Expo Showroom, meeting request submitted, contact request submitted, exhibitor recommended, links viewed, media files viewed, programme event visited, programme event detailed page in programme viewed.

  • "Contacts" drop-down

Selectable (downloadable) list of all contacts of all company employees.

  • Drop-down list of invited visitors (not shown)

Selectable (downloadable) list of all visitors who have registered on the platform with the ticket invitations of the exhibitor.

All contact requests for the company made via the profile (most recent at top). As soon as an employee assumes a request, it becomes his/her personal contact and is removed from the list.

Overview of all appointment requests made for the company. As soon as an employee of the exhibitor assumes a request, this becomes his/her personal appointment and is removed from the list.

The statistics provide a daily overview of the number of visitors to various contents.