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Die AGRITECHNICA ist der Treffpunkt der Entscheider und führender Business-Marktplatz der internationalen Landwirtschaft. Die Weltleitmesse ist Schaufenster der globalen Landtechnikindustrie und Forum für die Zukunftsfragen der Pflanzenproduktion.

Im Vorfeld der AGRITECHNICA 2022 in Hannover, die vom 27. Februar bis 5. März 2022 stattfindet, bieten wir Ihnen eine exklusive Vorschau auf das internationale Angebot der AGRITECHNICA in der digitalen Veranstaltungsreihe „AGRITECHNICA on Tour“. Im Mittelpunkt stehen allgemeine internationale Trends, Technologien und Innovationen sowie aktuelle Themen und Herausforderungen bestimmter Agrarregionen und Ländern.

Auf unserer Digital-Plattform DLG-Connect können Sie an den Events teilnehmen, sich mit Herstellern vernetzen und erfahren, was Sie auf der AGRITECHNICA 2022 in Hannover erwartet.

Die Veranstaltungen finden in Englisch oder in der jeweiligen Landessprache statt.

16. bis 17. November 2021


18. November 2021

Innovative Green Technology For Plant Production

30. November 2021

GREEN EFFICIENCY – New Opportunities for British Farming

9. Dezember 2021

DEMO DAY Romania – Sustainable Agriculture through Technology

17. Dezember 2021

Télémétrie - Des machines qui nous parlent - AGRITECHNICA «on Tour digital» avec Matériel Agricole

12. Januar 2022

GREEN EFFICIENCY - Challenges And Threats In The Perspective Of The Next 5 Years For Polish Agriculture

19. Januar 2022

Challenges In Large Scale Farming In Northern Italy – Reducing Soil Compaction And Soil Erosion Through Differentiated Soil Tillage Strategies


16. bis 17. November 2021

Smart production for sustainable food systems

Plant production is a vital part of many sustainable food systems. At the same time, food systems have to protect natural resources, contribute to improve the livelihood of stakeholders and to strengthen communities at all levels. In order to cover all these challenges at once and to ensure a sustainable food production by Thai farmers more innovative methods and smart solutions are needed. The AGRITECHNICA ASIA & HORTI ASIA Regional Summit offers the unique opportunity to both, getting insights of upcoming international trends in food production and improving local production systems considering the needs of farmers and markets.


18. November 2021, 14:00-15:30 (MEZ)

Showcasing the best of the best start-ups from AgTechInventum Start- Up Competition 

Be the first to learn about emerging new technical solutions! During the Pitch session, startups from post-Soviet countries will present their innovative solutions for agriculture. In 2020-21, about 80 applications were accepted for the AgTechInventum startup platform competition, 25 of the applicants presented their developments during the year at three pitch sessions, the most promising of them will be presented within the framework of AGRITECHNICA Digital.

If you are interested in one of the projects, you can offer its developers cooperation, conclude an agreement to launch pilot projects at your enterprise and be at the forefront of innovation.

This event will be interesting for agricultural producers, agricultural machinery manufacturers, as well as venture funds, financial, scientific and educational organizations.

Languages: Russian, English

Location: DLG Connect online platform

(the full functionality of DLG Connect is currently possible only on desktop computers and laptops, the mobile version for smartphones and tablets is still in development)

If you have not yet registered on the DLG Connect platform, please follow the registration link

Live stream is available here (opens after registration)


  • Dr. Olga Hunger, DLG e.V.
  • Alexander Haus, VDMA Agricultural Machinery

Welcoming address

Pitch session for AgTech startups:

1. Agrarian University of North Ural - New differentiated method of soil treatment

2. ArcSeed - seed potato production in the Arctic zone

3. Saratov Agrarian University - VR-technology for ag machinery maintenance

4. NovBiotech – stimulation of vegetative plants by laser

5. Green Growth - real-time yield monitoring

6. CropFleet - robotic drone spreading system

Discussion “Startup Path: from idea to business”


The organizers of the AgTechInventum platform are the Association of Agricultural Machinery Dealers (ASKHOD) and VDMA Fachverband Landtechnik. DLG and AGRITECHNICA are partners of the platform.


30. November 2021, 16:00 – 17:30 GMT

Working with our UK partners the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) and Department for International Trade (DIT) and leading commentators and influencers from the industry, we will be holding a series of events for UK farmers and growers to attend, by invitation, that will develop this theme and offer a privileged preview to AGRITECHNICA 2022.

What to expect

Our first virtual event, Green Efficiency – New opportunities for British farming – will take place on Tuesday, 30 November 2021, 16:00-17:30 (GMT) and will focus on the theme Achieving Net Zero in Agriculture. With the recent UN IPCC report setting out the scale of the problem that faces the world and issuing a ‘reality check’ for policymakers, and in the wake of the COP26 climate change summit being hosted by Britain in the autumn, this event could not be timelier and more relevant.

What will be covered:

  • What is the role of mechanisation in the future of sustainable land use?
  • Will machines and technology be bigger, smaller, smarter or autonomous?
  • How will they be powered – sustainably?
  • Will future machinery ownership be shared, owned outright or under a subscription model (where machinery becomes part of a service)?
  • How do we optimise agricultural engineering solutions when the rules around ‘efficiency’ are changing?
  • Who’s driving the Research and Innovation here and responding to what market and policy needs?

Our Speakers and Panelists

  • Tom Bradshaw, Vice President & Farmer NFU
  • Belinda Clark, Director at Agri-Tech E
  • Parmjit Chima, Head of Engineering Department – Harper Adams University
  • Adrian Winnett - Former President and Board member of the AEA

Industry Technology and Innovation Showcase

Leading British engineering companies and agricultural machinery manufactures showcase their innovative products and services. Hear how they plan to transform the British Farming landscape as they seek to provide creative solutions to the current market needs.

Tom Teagle

Teagle Machinery Ltd.

With a passion for Mechanical Engineering, Tom joined the family business which now manufactures and distributes agricultural machinery, primarily for the livestock sector, to over 35 countries around the globe each year. Keeping a keen focus on the future through organisational, design and service innovation Tom has established branches in France, Ireland and Germany, with full time members of the sales team also based in North Carolina and Moscow. This boots-on-the-ground experience offers invaluable insight to farming trends and best practise, enabling this agile business to respond rapidly to customer’s needs.

Robert Willey

Housham Sprayers

Robert Willey, Managing Director and Sole Owner of Househam Sprayers. Robert has owned Househam Sprayers for over 20 years, playing a key role in the development and innovation throughout the industry. Managing a team of 50, Robert leads the team to produce market-leading sprayers for customers globally.


Callum Chalmers

Business Development, FarmscanAG

With a passion for Agri-tech and the benefit technology can bring to farmers, Callum moved to the UK in 2016 to start Farmscan AG Ltd and expand our borders internationally. The company has grown with a core focus on technology, striving to be at the forefront of the Precision Agriculture industry. As a member of the Harper Adam’s University Hands Free Farm project, FarmscanAG are developing a completely autonomous farm in the UK and aiming to bring that technology directly into the hands of farmers.


9. Dezember 2021, 10:00-12:00 (Rumänische Zeit)

Highlights from the DEMO Day event, with seven high tech harvesters from top manufacturers were in demonstration on the Baciu Farm in Romania. Top farmers were invited to attend this live demonstration, hear LIVE interviews from the top growers in the regions as well as other experts and equipment manufactures. In addition to a sneak preview to AGRITECHNICA 2022.

In partnership with:

  • Romanian Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Agricultural Machinery (APIMAR),
  • Ferma Baciu (Baciu Farm)

Supported by:

  • AGRIM  (online platform),
  • League Of Romanian Agricultural Producers Associations (LAPAR)
  • Broadcaster: AGROTV


17. Dezember 2021, 11:00 - 12:30

AGRITECHNICA «on Tour digital» avec Matériel Agricole:

Sur la plateforme digitale DLG-Connect

De plus en plus de tracteurs et d’automoteurs agricoles sont équipés de boîtiers de télémétrie capables de faire remonter des données de fonctionnement ainsi des mesures sur leur environnement vers des serveurs informatiques.  Si ces données intéressent les constructeurs pour améliorer les machines et les services après-vente pour les réparer, comment peuvent également être valorisées par les utilisateurs? Sont-elles à même de concrétiser de nouvelles générations de machines agricoles plus fiables et davantage autonomes? Pour répondre à ces questions des experts représentant les constructeurs de tracteurs et de machines agricoles ainsi que des utilisateurs de machines agricoles se joignent à nous. Ils vous proposent leur éclairage.

  • Format: Zoom event; live streaming on digital platform AGRITECHNICA digital/DLG-Connect
  • Moderation: Bernard Serpantie, Matériel Agricole
  • Target group:
    • french (speaking) farmers (database Agritechnica and Matériel Agricole)
    • exhibitors Agritechnica
  • Event language: French
  • Technical support: Michael Heipel, contentivity


12. Januar 2022

Organized by DLG’s subsidiary in Poland -  DLG AgroFood, hear from the leading agricultural industry leaders in the region regarding the future of Polish Agriculture as they take the next steps towards Green Efficiency.

What can you expect: Interviews from each of ther panelists sharing their thoughts, experiences, expertise and know-how, aired live for the first time followed by a moderated discussion and a Q&A session from a live digital audience.

Topics of conversations:

Field hygiene as a component of the Green Efficiency at Agritechnica 2022

  • Technical possibilities of limiting the amount of weed seeds and self-seeding
  • Ultra shallow roll - tools and machines for ultra low tillage
  • Mechanical cultivation or maintenance to protect crops

Our Speakers and Panelists

  • Kacper Winiarski, Farmer, crop production - over 60 ha
  • Tomasz Janiak, Farmer, Crop & Animal production - over 85 ha
  • Bartosz Drabczyński, Farmer, Crop production - over 200 ha
  • Tomasz Kaczmarek - AGROTOP KACZMAREK
  • Leszek Weremczuk – General Sales Manager EXPOM – Polish producer of agricultural machines (AT exhibitor)
  • Mirosław Czechlowski - Poznań University of Life Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. hab. Jacek Przybył – Agricultural University Poznań


19. Januar 2022, 15:30 - 17:30

Reducing Soil Compaction And Soil Erosion Through Differentiated Soil Tillage Strategies 

  • Reducing soil compaction and erosion through conservation tillage strategies while increasing productivity, digitalization and traceability of processes and products through precision farming principles
  • Regenerative agriculture continues to use the principles and techniques of conservation agriculture, but with the contribution of precision farming, it combines the advantages of sustainability and profitability with those of productivity, digitalization and traceability of processes and products.

We discuss these topics with researchers, farmers, contractors and with representatives of tractor, implement and tire manufacturers.


  • Michele Pisante, Professor, Chair, Agronomy and Crop Sciences Research and Education Center, University of Teramo (15 minutes)
  • Luigi Sartori, Professor, Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry, University of Padova (15 minutes)
  • Eros Gualandi, Presidente Il Raccolto sca, Bologna, Farmer on > 2.000 ha in Emilia Romagna (15 minutes)

Additional speakers and presentations:

  • BKT Europe (10 minutes)
  • ArgoTractors (10 minutes)
  • ERMO (10 minutes)
  • Alice Contiero, Titolare Acquaforte Travel Designer (5 minutes)
  • Raffaele Talarico, DLG Italia (5 minutes)

Moderation: Francesco Bartolozzi, New Business Media - Edagricole